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Offer the #1 requested gift over the holidays, with gift cards by Rezdy



Market growth for gift card sales annually



Rezdy customers gained additional revenue by selling gift cards last year



Customers spend more than the total value of the gift card

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Generate with ease

Rezdy’s coupon management software for tour operators manages everything automatically and lets you keep track of all your promo-codes and gift cards in one place. Get set up in minutes.

Fill up your tours

With Rezdy’s coupon and gift card management software for tour operators, you can fill up those empty spots on your tour with last-minute bookings and maximize your bookings per tour.

Customize your promos

Choose from dozens of promotion and coupon templates designed to stand out and sell out. Customize the colors and the logo to suit your brand. They’re also mobile responsive.

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Watch: How to create gift cards

Discover just how simple it is to create gift cards for your tour business

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It's easy to set up

Rezdy's coupon management software for tour operators streamlines the setup process so you can start reaping the benefits in no time


1. Create your gift card

Craft gift card options that customers will love with Rezdy’s voucher management software. Set the value, add personalized messages, and choose captivating and branded designs to entice your audience.


2. Create forms

Collect essential recipient information through online forms to ensure a smooth and seamless gift card purchase process. Customize the forms to gather all the details you need.


3. Add gift card extras

Enhance your gift cards with extras offered by Rezdy’s discount management software. Offer special discounts, complementary services, or unique perks to make your gift cards even more enticing.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do gift cards work for tour operators?

    Gift cards present an exciting opportunity for tour operators to boost sales and attract new customers. When customers purchase a gift card from your website, they receive a unique code that holds a monetary value. Recipients can then redeem this code to purchase tours or activities of their choice.

    Gift cards are a fantastic gifting option for special occasions, holidays, and celebrations, and they encourage recipients to choose their preferred experiences, making them a popular and versatile choice for gift-givers.

  • What are the benefits of promoting gift cards and promo codes?

    Promoting gift cards and promo codes offers numerous advantages for tour operators. Research shows that around 61% of consumers tend to spend more than the total value of their gift cards. This means that offering gift cards can result in increased revenue as customers often pay for additional experiences beyond the gift card amount.

    Promo codes allow you to fill up vacant spots on your tours through last-minute bookings, maximizing your bookings per tour. Emphasizing gift cards and promo codes as options to potential customers can also boost your marketing efforts and attract new clients

  • What is the difference between gift cards and promo codes?

    The key difference between gift cards and promo codes lies in their functionality and value. Promo codes, while powerful for attracting bookings, have no intrinsic monetary value. Instead, they offer discounts, special offers, or other incentives to entice customers to book tours or activities.

    Gift cards, meanwhile, hold a specific monetary value that can be used for redeeming tours and activities. Customers can apply gift card codes at the time of booking to offset the cost of their chosen experiences.

    Rezdy’s tour booking software allows users to manage both gift cards and promos within the same system.

  • How do promo codes work for tour operators?

    Promo codes are a powerful marketing tool for tour operators. When customers make a booking on your website, they have the option to enter a promo code during the checkout process. These promo codes can offer various discounts, special offers, or incentives to maximize bookings.

    As a tour operator, you have the flexibility to create promo codes for specific tours, events, or time periods. Promo codes can also be used for bundles, allowing you to combine multiple tours and activities into attractive packages with discounted prices.

  • How do I track the effectiveness of promo codes and gift cards?

    Tracking the effectiveness of promo codes and gift cards is crucial for optimizing your marketing strategy and understanding customer behavior. Here are some key metrics and methods to track their performance:

    • Redemption rate: Calculate the percentage of promo codes or gift cards that have been redeemed out of the total number issued. This helps you gauge how successful your offers are in driving actual bookings.
    • Break-even point: Analyze the break-even point for each promo code or gift card campaign. Determine the point at which the revenue generated from bookings surpasses the combined product and promotion costs. This helps you assess the profitability of each campaign.
    • Discount management software solutions: Advanced coupon management software for tour operators like Rezdy can automate the tracking process for you. Tour operators need an online booking system to provide them with real-time data on the redemption rate and performance of specific coupons. Use your promo code management software for tour operators to keep an eye out for sudden rises in redemption rates, as this could indicate the success of a particular coupon.
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