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Deliver a great customer experience, from booking to checkout

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Use a customized booking widget or Rezdy website tools to give your guests a great experience right from their very first interaction with you – from booking through to online payment.

Style it up any way you like – no coding required

Choose your colours, fonts, booking form and booking button style. You have full creative control over your booking widget to ensure everything fits seamlessly with your existing website and brand.


Integrate automation for 24/7 bookings

When you add online booking functionality to your website you extend your selling hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning potential customers can book online at a time that suits them.

Add booking widgets on any website platform or web page

It’s easy to set up your book now button, saving you and your customers from the all-too-common delay problems with online booking systems. Rezdy works with any website platform or website builder to make integrating a booking form easy, including WordPress, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, Joomla, and Drupal.

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Book now button setup in 3 easy steps


Choose your widget

Browse our broad selection of widgets to choose a booking button that works best for you. No matter whether you want your booking widget to incorporate a calendar widget, google calendar integration or product list: you’re sure to find a layout to match your site.


Customize your widget

Your booking widget is yours to personalize. Change the color, format, size and more to design the perfect book now button that will make the booking process all the more easy for your customers.


Start getting bookings

Now that your activity business’s platform or tour agency website has a brand new book now widget, start receiving bookings 24/7. Get notifications for easy appointment scheduling. You and your customers will enjoy the streamlined, hassle-free booking process.

Can Rezdy help your business?

The answer is yes if you...


  • Offer tour, activity or attraction-based experiences
  • Want to offer your guests the best online booking experience
  • Want to simplify and automate to take more bookings online
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does this widget interact with my website?

    Widgets direct users to a specific location on the website. Depending on your service, you may decide to link the button to your home page, product page, category page or even a redeem voucher page. You can choose a popup or iframe. With a booking widget website, you have the power to decide the step-by-step process your customers will take when booking online.

  • Which devices or browsers does the booking button work with?

    Regardless of what browser or device your potential customers are using, they’ll all experience the same booking system. All of our booking system features take into account the fact that travelers are often on the go and using mobile devices to connect to your platform.

  • Can I style the booking button based on my brand or website theme?

    Absolutely! Not only do our booking buttons exist in different layouts (including booking calendar formats, product lists, category carousels, and widgets built specifically for shuttle and transfers), but they can also be stylized with different colors, labels, and sizes on your booking page.

  • How long does it take to set up a booking widget?

    Setting up your booking widget should only take a few minutes. The process will change depending on your website platform and its editing functions, but you’ll first have to embed the provided snippet of HTML widget code within the required section. Then, you’ll be given the option to make any design changes to the widget. Once your design has been finalized and you submit your updates, your booking widget will be up and running on your website straight away. No CSS or plugins required, no delays, no complications.

  • Can I add a book now button to my social media pages?

    A booking widget is a popular tool to assist with social media marketing for tour companies. Depending on your website structure, you can link your book now button to your business’s social media pages to allow for a simpler booking pipeline.

  • How do I change my booking widget after I’ve implemented it?

    You can easily alter your booking widget even after you’ve implemented it. To change its design, open your settings and click on the ‘sell online’ tab in the left-hand hand column and then select ‘theme design’.

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