Access thousands of instantly bookable experiences with tour operators

Access thousands of instantly bookable experiences with
tour operators

Regardless of the size of your business, or whether you have your own website or not, Rezdy has solutions to serve all types of resellers.

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A more effective tour reseller platform

Find and connect with new suppliers

Get the most diverse range of supply

Connect via easy to use technology

Easily sell experiences directly to your customers

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Rezdy activities reseller platform built for

Tour and activity operators

Online travel agents (OTAs)

Hotels and accommodation

Tourist information centers

In destination agents

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Get connected with Rezdy's tours and attractions reseller platform

We offer connections to best suit your type of business - from individual travel agents to online travel agencies

API Integration

Best for those resellers with their own fully customized website and access to development resources

Booking Widgets

Embed online booking capabilities onto your website with Rezdy widgets. No experience needed.

Reseller Website

Best for resellers looking for an immediate off the shelf bookable website

Agent Portal

Best for local travel agents or hotel concierges booking on behalf of customers

We have comprehensive guides to help agents get a profile set up, search and connect with suppliers, find live product availability, pricing and more.

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All the features you need, all in one place


Resell amazing experiences

Add products from global suppliers including Rezdy Booking Software and ticketing systems via Rezdy Channel Manager. Attract new customers with daily new supply and boost bookings.


Websites and widgets

Get customizable off-the-shelf websites or embeddable booking widgets that make selling tours and experiences easy to reach potential customers. No technical resources or expertise needed.


Real time availability

Improve your customer experience with access to real-time rates and availability from suppliers. Get instant confirmation for your customers around the clock, with listed product availability updated in real-time.


API access

For the more technical, the Rezdy Agent API allows resellers to access products, availability, pricing and content from Rezdy suppliers, and push bookings and cancellations to Rezdy automatically.


Access supply without negotiation

Access instantly bookable products through Rezdy Marketplace rates, no supplier relationship needed. Enjoy automated commission payouts, saving time on negotiations, fees, and payment reconciliations. T&Cs apply.


Track commissions at a glance

Get clear reporting on your commissions by source, order, product and date. Know which travel products and suppliers are selling well. Sell smarter and grow faster with insights.

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Rezdy reseller tools

Agent API

For the more technical, the Rezdy Agent API allows resellers to access products, availability, pricing and content from Rezdy suppliers, and push bookings and cancellations to Rezdy automatically.
Best for those resellers with their own fully customized website and access to development resources.

All in one online travel booking system

Full Reseller Website

If you don't already have a website, you can customize one of our off the shelf sites where your guests can easily browse, book and pay for locally curated experiences. No more time wasted on the phone to confirm bookings for the guest, or missed booking opportunities.

If you are an accomodation provider, you can also include your in-house services so your guests can easily browse and book your services like yoga, activities, rentals, chef cooking lessons and more.

Embeddable Booking Widgets

If you already have a website, you can choose from a variety of Rezdy's embeddable booking widgets to add online booking capabilities of Rezdy suppliers to your website. This allows customers to seamlessly discover and book exciting tours and experiences directly on your site.

QR Codes and Booking Links

Easily share links and QR codes with others to make it easy for customers to book via their mobile devices. If you have a physical location, like a hotel lobby or guestroom, display QR codes to enable guests to book directly on your site.

Agent Portal

The optional agent portal lets you customize your product range to appeal to your customers while tracking your bookings and commission, as well as place bookings on your customers’ behalf.

Deep dive into your reports to find valuable insights on your tours and activities, including which are the most popular, the best performing times, and more. It’s also here where you can update the look and feel of your booking site so that it fits in perfectly with your overall brand, including logos, fonts, and colors and more.

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Already trusted by thousands of resellers

25k+ resellers globally and locally

Parner Gyg

Partner Viator

Partner Redballoon

Partner Google

Partner TripAdvisor


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Can Rezdy Reseller Platform help your business?

The answer is yes if you...

  • Are an agent or reseller looking for fresh, instantly bookable inventory
  • You want new business to expand your customer offer without expanding your workload
  • You like sales metrics at your fingertips to help you sell smarter
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Learn more about reselling with Rezdy

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Got questions? It's only natural

  • What is a reseller platform like the Rezdy Channel Manager all about?

    It’s the world’s biggest reseller platform and distribution network. Put simply, The Rezdy Channel Manager connects supply (experiences) with demand (agents and resellers).

  • How does the Rezdy Channel Manager work?

    For operators, it’s like having an extra global sales team… Tour, activity and attraction businesses can grow their sales by searching and connecting with a choice of thousands of resellers, from major online travel agents such as GetYourGuide, Expedia and Viator to smaller independent agents, tourism bodies, hotel concierges and more.

    Agents and resellers can use Rezdy Channel Manager to source better, more varied products to offer their customers, and easily begin selling using Rezdy provided widgets or the Agent API.

  • Are there minimum system requirements to use Rezdy?

    We’re on the cloud, not your computer, so Rezdy suits any device running a modern browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but Internet Explorer 9 and above, or the latest versions of Firefox and Safari are fine too. Not sure what version you’re on? Check your browser here.

  • Does Rezdy provide access to suppliers using other reservation systems?

    Yes. If you are interested in accessing supply for a particular ticketing system, RezdyConnect offers others the ability to connect to Rezdy distribution channels. Once connected, resellers can access real-time rates and availability for these suppliers through Rezdy. Visit our “For ticketing systems” page for more information and ability to refer systems to Rezdy.

  • Should I use the API or the booking widgets to access Rezdy supply?

    Rezdy Agent API is best for resellers who have or want to have their own fully customized website and who also have access to development resources. Rezdy booking widgets and websites are customizable and work well for resellers without a website or looking for solutions that require limited development.

  • How do I access supply using Rezdy?

    There are three ways to access supply using Rezdy. To enable your customers to book themselves, our customizable booking widgets and off-the-shelf websites are readily available. For a customized booking experience within your existing website, you may use our Agent API. To book on behalf of your customers, access Rezdy via our agent portal.

  • What kind of supply can Rezdy provide?

    Any reseller using Rezdy has access to thousands of bookable experiences, from both Rezdy Booking Software suppliers as well as the multiple alternative reservation systems that connect to Rezdy to access Rezdy’s distribution network. Any tour, activity, or attraction can use Rezdy for distribution.

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