2 Reasons Why Videos Work Extremely Well for Tour Operators and Activity Providers

2 Reasons Why Videos Work Extremely Well for Tour Operators and Activity Providers

In the age of the Internet and social networking, no marketing tool has been quite so powerful as the video. Video allows us to experience an activity or an event in a way that photos or words are not able to provide.

Through video, we can see the story come to life and we can experience it through the eyes of someone else. For tour operators and activity providers, videos are simply a must-have component on your website and throughout your social media pages. In fact, according to ReelSEO survey released in 2013, 93 percent of marketers are using video in their marketing strategies. Of those, 84 percent place videos on their website, 60 percent embed them in marketing e-mails and 70 percent take the time to optimize them for the search results. At the end of the day, 82 percent of marketers stated that videos were beneficial for their business.

If the numbers aren’t enough, here’s two more reasons why videos are absolutely necessary for tour operators and activity providers:

Videos Build Trust

When you provide your customers with videos that showcase your tours and activities, they have proof of the experience they are going to get when they book with you. It helps them to trust your products and feel confident in their purchase. For example, if you are a tour company that provides Jet boat rides, you would want to create videos that shows actual footage of how fast you go. These will excite your customers, and encourage them to book with you because they know they will get an authentic experience.

Drop Bear Adventures’ video is a great example of building trust.

If you simply post a photo of a boat, your customers might be skeptical and think that you pulled that photograph from a stock photo site. Video is considered a more reliable and trustworthy form of multimedia, and it also helps to get your customers excited about their upcoming vacation.

Videos Generate Buzz

The bottom line is, people on the web love to watch videos. When you create an awesome video that is entertaining and informative, people will be more likely to share it with their friends on social networking sites. Articles, blog posts and web content are all beneficial for providing additional information and increasing your search engine rankings, but they are not going to be shared as quickly or as often as videos. Your customers will do your advertising for you by sharing your videos and generating buzz about your business, and you can enjoy a great return on your investment after making the video.

Jet Boat Sydney, makes videos for their customers, who can than share those on their social media

Tell us about the type of videos you have created for your tour and activity company. Are you providing your customers with a first-person view of the tour they will experience, or testimonial snippets from customers who enjoyed your tours? Tell us about the video content on your website, and leave a comment with any video sharing tips that you might have!

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