Data is interesting – but it’s often portrayed in such a way that it isn’t easy to digest. We’re guessing that’s why you like it when we share tourism industry infographics with you.

Here’s another round of infographics that we thought you’d like!

1. Tapping into mobile travel trends

Here are some of the latest mobile travel trends from Somo, a mobile marketing specialist. It will give you an idea of just how important mobile devices are throughout the entire booking process.

mobel traveller infographic

Source: Tnooz

2. Portrait of a traveler 2014

This infographic gives you an excellent idea of who your target buyer is in this day and age.

traveler profile infographic


3. North America: The Psychology of Travel

TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer survey delves into what motivates us to travel, how travel changes our behaviours and more.

Source: TripAdvisor


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