As a small business tour operator, you and your staff are probably pressed for time. Get more of it back with these quick and easy time hacks you can use to manage your customer database.

1. Customer Database of Daily Deals Bookings

Coupons are a great way to find new customers and fill your seats. However, it can become very difficult to manage from an administrative standpoint – especially if you have several running with different distributors.

The good news is with Rezdy it’s easy to automate vouchers. There is no need to get back to customers to schedule a time with them or ask them any additional questions. Just direct them to your booking page and ask them to put their promo code in.

See the full tutorial here.

promotional campaigns customer database

2. Customer Database and Email Marketing

While Rezdy is an excellent booking tool, you are likely using another online service to manage your email marketing. The admin headache comes in when you have to continually export your customer database from Rezdy and import it into your email tool.

Lucky for you, the Zapier integration will allow you to automate tasks between Rezdy and other online services, for example, MailChimp. You can automatically create a contact in MailChimp and then use their information for email marketing purposes.

See the full tutorial here.

Rezdy integrations customer database

3. Customer Database of Manual Internal Bookings

With Rezdy, bookings created by you or your staff are always free and unlimited. However, if you have a big list to go through it can be a pain to re-enter their data each time you want to create an order.

Well, it’s time that you learn about the Customer Import App. With this, you can upload an external customer database so that when you are creating internal orders, you don’t have to manually type in contact details every time.

See the full tutorial here.

Rezdy CRM customer database

What’s Next?

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