When your guests book your tours, they are anxious and excited about the opportunity they are going to get to enjoy while traveling. They will wake up that day, eager to get started and get going. Ready with all of their gear and their cameras, the last thing they are going to want to do is wait for you. It’s critical that you minimize wait time for your customers, as this can effect how they feel about your tours and activities. These tips can help you keep wait times as short as possible, ultimately keeping your customers happy.

Choose a Pick-Up Location

If you have a tour scheduled the next day with pick-up at five different hotels, it is going to take you significantly longer to get started on the actual activity. Instead of planning for individual hotel pick-ups, choose a pick-up location. A location in the city centre is always a good option, as most people can easily reach it. When everyone is ready and waiting in one spot, you can get started as soon as possible.


Let your customers know how long they are going to have to wait. For instance, if you do have separate pick-ups at hotels, let them know where they are on their list. Communicate, be honest, and be friendly. If customers know what to expect, they will be far more understanding of any wait times.

Quickly and Efficiently Process Payments

Imagine this scenario. One traveler has arrived, ready for the tour and has paid online. A second traveler shows up, trying to pay with cash and they don’t have any small bills. It’s taking forever, and the first traveler is getting antsy and annoyed. Don’t let this happen on your tours. First, offer online payments and promote them to your customers. Second, use a mobile device to process electronic payments in a matter of seconds. This way, even those last-minute, unprepared travelers can be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Maintain Your Equipment

Maybe a dead give away but, nothing is going to upset a customer more than getting onto a tour bus and finding out that it won’t start. This significantly delays the tour, and it impacts their overall enjoyment of the day. Maintain your equipment, and always test it out before you head to the pick-up location. Make sure there are back-up resources available in the event of a maintenance issue.

Rezdy is an online booking system that is not only designed to make your life easier as a tour and activity provider, but it’s also created to improve the overall customer experience. There are features within this program that will help you organize your manifest, process mobile bookings and manage your resources wisely. Of course, your customers will be able to quickly book your tours and pay for them online, which helps minimize wait times on the day of the tour. To find out more about how Rezdy can help you to improve your customer satisfaction levels, begin your free trial today.

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