Could Your Tour Or Activity Business Benefit From Online Payments?

Could Your Tour Or Activity Business Benefit From Online Payments?

For tour and activity operators, payment by way of tedious paperwork is a drama and a hassle that often results in getting paid late. Administratively, it slows you down. In terms of sales, if your website can’t take their card, then you risk them taking their business somewhere else.

Online payment gateways allow instant credit card authorisation for people who want to buy your product or service online. That’s why having a unified payment gateway that accepts all kinds of cards can directly impact revenue.

Website booking systems already have this capability integrated, making it even easier for you to be organised.

Here’s why more and more businesses are allowing their customers to book online:

It’s Fast and Convenient

  • It keeps your customers happy. Recent research shows that more and more travellers are booking online because it’s easier for them, and that’s where the best deals are. They can research, browse and shop with a few clicks of the mouse, without a pushy sales representative in their face, no matter where they are.
  • People can buy your products while you sleep. It doesn’t matter what time it is. Your shop is virtual, meaning it doesn’t close at 5pm, it’s open 24/7, so customers on the other side of the world in inconvenient time zones don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to call you and make a booking.
  • No third-party site in the way of a transaction. Payment gateways ensure that your customer doesn’t have to go from your site to another third-party site (for example, PayPal) to buy something from you.

You Get Paid Without Much Hassle

  • You can trust online payment gateways. It’s secure, so there’s little risk for credit card fraud or scams. Sensitive data is protected by a 128 bit, SSL, industry-standard encryption system. Make sure you get an SSL certificate and add the badge to your payment page so your customers know it, too!
  • Automated calculations are more reliable. Since a robot calculates the total amount your customer has to pay, there’s less room for error, especially if you want to integrate a coupon code or discount offer.
  • More money in your pocket. The fact that you’re selling in cyberspace means there’s less capital outlay on your end, as you don’t need to pay rental space or hire an extra hand to manage your customers.
  • You get paid faster. Money goes straight into your account, meaning you get paid on time. Instead of lagging behind, your cash flow is up to speed.

But for small tour and activity operators, the resonating question is if an online reservation system will truly work for your tour or activity business. To help you decide, take advantage of the free trial offers that many online booking systems have in place. Try to find one which lets you free trial like Rezdy’s does. By the end of your free trial period you’ll know whether it’s worth investing in.

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