Many tour operators and activity providers are faced with the issue of efficient resource management. How can you manage your resources in such a way that you can maximize revenue without overbooking?

Resource Management for Tour Operators can be tricky. To you, a resource is something with limited availability, and is required to run your tour or activity. It can be a vehicle that’s needed (eg. a bus) or a person (eg. an instructor).

For example, if you have multiple tours and only one shuttle bus to escort those tours, it can be difficult to adjust availability every time a tour is booked. In fact, you run the risk of overbooking without the resources to deliver.

Our 3 tips for resource management:

1. Get organised

Before you start, it’s important to know what you have got to work with:

  • Resources needed for each tour session
  • Time period required for each tour session

When it comes to your time period, include preparation time in between sessions.

rezdy visual calendar resource management

2. Train staff

If you train your staff well, they’ll be better at preparing your resources before the next session, as well as reducing overbookings because they’re familiar with how your process works.

It’s important to reduce turnover because training new staff takes up time and slows things down. Make sure all your staff members feel valued. Listen and take action based on their feedback.

3. Automate the process

Lucky for you, resource management technology exists to simplify this tedious task. Rezdy’s Resource Dependant Calendar can solve this problem of overbook so that you don’t have to worry about efficient resource management.

Rezdy will automatically adjust the availability for all your tour options that need a particular resource. It does this as people book, so you’ll never be overbooked and you don’t have to adjust availability manually.

Here’s how to set it up:

For an Activity, when you are adding it to your calendar, allocate resources to be used for the session:

Resource management 2

The same process applies for a Multi-Day Tour.

We recommend that your Scheduling for these products is set to “Automatically”.

That way, your customer’s orders will be automatically confirmed, and because Rezdy is managing your availability, your products can never be overbooked.

resource management

What’s next?


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