It’s likely that you have core tour, activity or attraction products are the bread and butter of your business. The majority of your marketing campaigns and promotional materials are going to be geared toward motivated travelers to book one of your experiences. However, if growth is what your looking for, then auxiliary products could be the key. We take a look at auxiliary products can grow your tour booking revenue.

What are auxiliary products?

Auxiliary products are products that are sold in addition to your tour and activity products, often as a way to enhance the experience or as a way to provide an interested customer with a luxury upgrade. They are optional products that tourists can choose to add on to the original tour or activity package, and they are an easy way to boost the revenue that you generate from an individual booking.

Examples of auxiliary products that you can offer

Wondering if you should add a few auxiliary products to your offerings at your tour and activity business? Here’s a few products to consider:

  • Meal options — Most tours and activities end up aligning in some way with a meal time. If a meal is not typically included with the tour, and most travelers bring a lunch or opt to dine after the experience, you may want to consider offering a meal add-on at the beginning or end of a tour. For example, a breakfast sandwich and juice prior to an early morning tour may be enticing to travelers.
  • Extra space — In all likelihood, there’s a seat or two on your tour bus that offers extra room. Sell these spots at a higher price, and label them as spots that offer extra space for leg room or additional storage.
  • Souvenirs — Souvenirs have long been a favorite of travelers. It doesn’t cost much to make promotional materials, such as a T-shirt or travel coffee mug, and you can sell them as an add-on to your tours for significant revenue.
  • Digital photo package — Take photographs of your tourists in idyllic photo spots, and sell them as part of a digital photo package. This is convenient for tourists and an easy way for you to generate incremental revenue.

Online marketing and auxiliary products

While you will likely promote these products on your tour and activity website, you don’t want to just hope that your travelers discover the options on their own. Instead, incorporate these products into your online marketing campaigns and e-mail marketing campaigns. Your booking software should allow you to create customized automatic e-mails that are delivered to specific groups of customers within your database. When you promote your auxiliary products, you increase the likelihood of customers opting to purchase them.

The key to incorporating auxiliary products into your business model is having an innovative booking software that allows you to easily promote these products and manage them along with your reservations. An online reservation system that is geared specifically toward tour and activity operators, is your best option.

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