How to Build Awareness for Individual Tours and Activities

How to Build Awareness for Individual Tours and Activities

In order to develop your brand and grow your business, you know that you need a marketing strategy that promotes your company as a whole. You want people to think of your business when they want to enjoy a whale watching tour. However, if you want to increase your bookings each month, you will also have to promote the individual tour and activity products that you offer. This allows you to raise awareness not only about your business but also about the unique products that you offer.

Here’s how you can start building awareness for individual tours and activities:

  1. Create a product that is different from anything else being offered in the local region. You can do this by offering themed tours that cater to a specific audience, such as haunted whale watching tours or historic island tours. In addition, you can offer additional products on your tour that se you apart from your competition. Consider champagne and chocolates on your twilight tour, or wine, cheese and crackers on your afternoon excursions.
  2. Incorporate your brand into each individual tour. Instead of naming every tour something basic and bland, give each tour and description the flavor of your brand. Create a title for each tour that is unique and easy to remember, and that also will encourage people to find out more information about what is included in the tour. This helps increase your brand identity while also raising awareness about individual tours that you offer.
  3. Promote individual tours and activities on social media. Create specific blog posts, tweets and Facebook photo albums about individual tours. This makes your content more interesting and relevant, and also can help increase engagement on your social pages.
  4. Offer promotional discounts for specific tours at different times of the year. If there is a time of year when one of your offerings is not as popular, create a unique promo code for that tour. This will help you fill up the spaces on the tour and boost your profits at a traditionally slow time.
  5. Exceed your customers’ expectations with every tour you offer. Once you have promoted those individual tours and given customers an idea of what they can expect, it’s time to wow them. When they are impressed, they will leave positive reviews about the specific tours that you offer. This is an easy way to raise awareness without having to do much of the work.

The bottom line is, an excellent marketing strategy is necessary for both your overall brand and the individual products that you offer to travelers. You need to know how to maximize your potential online, and Rezdy can help you do that. Not only do we offer excellent tools on our online booking system that help drive business to your website, but we also take pride in the fact that we offer marketing resources geared specifically toward tour and activity providers. For more information on promoting your business, download our online marketing ebook today.

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