Seeing as tours and activities are typically activities which only tourists engage in, odds are you won’t see your customers again. This makes it more important to try and maximize how much revenue you bring in per customer. The problem is that knowing how to upsell effectively can be very difficult and people become very suspicious when they think they are being upsold.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Knowing how to upsell is as simple as keeping your offers relevant and knowing when to offer them.

1. How to upsell before payment

How to upsell best during the checkout process is to offer extras right before payment.

Using Rezdy, you can easily upsell and cross-sell your complementary your products. For example, it could be a VIP lunch, hotel pickup or camera rental. They don’t cost much and can greatly enhance the experience your customer has with you.

extras how to upsell

Give each extra its own image so your customers know exactly what they’re buying.

You also need to detail exactly how much it will cost. Apply dynamic pricing to extras so you have full control over how they are charged:

  • Customer’s choice:  Your customers can select the quantity they want to purchase independently.  For example, if 4 people book then they can choose 2 DVDs (or less/more)
  • Per order:  The extra is charged once.  For example, if 4 people book then they will be charged only once for the extra.
  • Per quantity:  The extra is charged for each item or person booked.  For example, if 4 people book then they will be charged 4 times for this extra.

Click here for full instructions on how to set up extras.

2. How to upsell in reminder emails

How to upsell between purchase and arrival is to use Rezdy’s automated reminder emails. They are a great way to keep customers engaged as well as prompting them with extras they might not have considered.

For example, a water sports operator could say that because it gets wet out there, you won’t want to bring your own digital camera. Why not rent a water-proof camera to capture these moments? This shows you care about them having the best time with you. If you come across as if you are asking out of concern for them rather than simply to get more money out of them, they will be much more receptive to the suggestion.

Offer extras in reminder emails how to upsell

Rezdy gives you 3 opportunities to send reminders, with your Terms & Conditions attached to every email.

Click here for full instructions on how to customise reminder emails.

3. Offer similar experiences

Tell customers that you’ve launched a new product they might like.

Using Rezdy, you can see all the people who have purchased a similar product and create a list out of them by exporting your Sales Report.

sales report how to upsell

Click here to learn how to customise your Sales Report.

This is ideal for businesses that by nature are usually a one-off experience (eg. parasailing) and businesses that inherently have a repeat buy (eg. rentals).

If you launch a new product by expanding your locations or adding a new type of equipment to be rented out, this is a chance for you to let your past customers know. Give your past customers a chance to come back and experience something new.

4. Run a seasonal promotion

Remind customers that it’s time to come back. This is perfect for seasonal businesses, such as whale watching cruises.

For example, you can let your customers know that now is the perfect time for spotting whales on their migrating route.

You can even do this in combination with a promo.

  • After a tour, give customers a discount code for when they come back.
  • A month before the new season starts, send this email and remind them that their coupon is still valid.

promo-code how to upsell


It’s important to push for a second sale with each and every customer.

Click here to learn how to create promo codes.

What’s Next?

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