Look Pretty: What are the Right Image Sizes for all Social Networks?

Look Pretty: What are the Right Image Sizes for all Social Networks?

Posting on social media becomes second nature to many tour and activity providers. You will start to see things through the scope of Facebook or Instagram, and you will instantly know when something will make a great post, generate likes and encourage engagement with your customers.

That being said, just because you have a beautiful photo with the right filter doesn’t necessarily mean you can post it without further thought. Image size is an important factor to consider, as you want to make sure your photo is the right size for the platform you are posting on. This will ensure that it looks sharp, clear and gorgeous on anyone’s timeline or news feed.


Likely one of the most popular social networking sites for tour and activity providers, Facebook provides you with a variety of areas to post photos. Your cover photo should be no less than 399 by 150 pixels, or it will stretch across the screen. The ideal size for a profile picture is 180 by 180 pixels, but remember that the thumbnail will only be 32 by 32 pixels on the news feed.

If you are sharing a photo on your timeline of one of your tours, it should be about 1,200 by 630 pixels.


Another social networking site that is ideal for tour operators, this platform is all about photos. There’s plenty of opportunity to share, display and post photos. Your profile image must be a square photo that is about 110 by 110 pixels. Photo thumbnails also are square, and are sized at 161 by 161 pixels.

Photos that you post to Instagram recently have been made larger, and are now 1080 by 1080 pixels. However, they appear in the feed at 510 by 510 pixels, so you will want to consider this as you are selecting the photos that you post on Instagram.


Your video channel on YouTube will also be a great place to display photos from your business. The banner cover photo needs to be optimized for different display platforms. For example, a desktop banner photo should be 2,560 by 423 pixels, but a tablet display should be 1,855 by 423 pixels. The video upload display is about 1,280 by 760 pixels.


This social networking site allows you to stay connected to your customers at all times. Your profile picture should be a square image, and will be displayed at 400 by 400 pixels. The header photo has a maximum file size of 10 megabytes, and is sized at 1,500 by 500 pixels.

An in-stream photo on Twitter can appear expanded on the platform when it is sized at 440 by 220 pixels. The maximum expanded size is 1,024 by 512 pixels.

To learn more about the best practices for tour and activity providers on social media, you can download our social media e-book today.

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