[Sydney, Australia, 3 October 2023] Pelago, a travel experiences platform by Singapore Airlines (SIA) with thousands of travel activities across more than 1,300 global destinations, is delighted to unveil a new partnership with Rezdy, enabling fast connectivity for tours and activities in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Through this partnership, Rezdy will help Pelago providers seamlessly connect and promote their tours to end customers in real-time, automating pricing updates, availability, and content through its API.

By connecting through Rezdy’s booking software platform, experience providers can expect a fast, simple, yet comprehensive connection and exposure to Pelago and SIA’s global traveller audience who are hungry to immerse themselves in-destination and ready to book. 

From iconic landmarks and attractions to tours, day trips and adventures, exquisite dining experiences, and many more adventures, Pelago and Rezdy have got you covered. To view the full range of Pelago experiences, visit Pelago.co.

How to connect with Pelago as a Rezdy customer

Getting connected with Pelago as a Rezdy customer is made super simple in three easy steps:

Step 1: Initial setup – getting started

Begin your journey by expressing your interest by filling out the Pelago registration form. A dedicated Pelago Market Manager will then reach out to you to see if they are a good fit for your business and to share further documentation to initiate the process.

Step 2: Rezdy setup – sharing negotiated rates

Once Pelago approves your registration, you will have access to add them as a reselling agent on your Rezdy dashboard. This step allows you to configure negotiated rates and establish the preferred payment methods for seamless payout processing.

Step 3: Integration – API mapping process

Next, the Pelago team takes charge of the API product mapping process, ensuring a smooth transition. They’ll conduct a test booking, and upon successful completion, Pelago will promptly publish your listing.

To read the complete guidelines for getting connected with Pelago via Rezdy, click here.

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Not a Rezdy customer but would like to experience enhanced global distribution via Pelago by Singapore Airlines? Start your FREE 21-day trial or book a demo today to discover how Rezdy can support you on your distribution journey and get connected to thousands of other leading industry resellers such as Pelago.


About Pelago

Launched in 2021, Pelago is a travel experience platform by Singapore Airlines that connects flying passengers to at-destination experiences. Extending Singapore Airlines’ experience from the skies to the ground, customers can expect the same trust and world-class service quality with Pelago. 

As a part of the Singapore Airlines family, travellers are able to earn 3 miles per S$1 spent on every booking or use their miles on every booking on Pelago. For more information, please visit www.pelago.co.

About Rezdy

Rezdy is the world’s leading independent online booking and distribution platform, powering the experiences industry. In operation since 2011 and now in over 130 countries, Rezdy helps tours, activities & attraction providers as well as resellers, get more online bookings. Rezdy offers the most progressive Channel Manager distribution platform with award-winning connectivity to major online travel agencies and thousands of additional resellers around the world – accessible regardless of reservation system or size of business. Their platform also connects travellers in-destination with Rezdy operators by empowering resellers such as accommodations, to simply and effectively promote tours & activities, thus saving time and improving their guest experience. Rezdy processes over $2 billion in experiences revenue through the platform every year on behalf of suppliers.  

Learn more about Rezdy’s solutions for operators, resellers, and other reservation technology businesses at www.rezdy.com. In addition, connect with Rezdy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and sign up for Rezdy’s newsletter to stay up-to-date. 


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