In a move that will make us the world’s largest independently-owned reservation technology business, Rezdy is excited to announce we have merged with Checkfront and Regiondo – two powerhouses of the industry, based in North America and Europe respectively.

“Our goal is to create something greater than what any of our individual businesses could achieve alone,” explains Rezdy CEO Chris Atkin.

This development has been in the works for a long time and is the product of careful planning, extensive efforts, and strategic alignment. It underscores our commitment which has been and always will be, to power the experiences industry.

By joining forces, we aim to leverage each company’s unique strengths and regional insights to accelerate growth, foster innovation and create a more powerful and comprehensive solution for tourism professionals worldwide.

Powering the experiences industry

In 2011, Simon Lenoir was a tour operator who ran scuba diving tours in Thailand. It was a time when running a tour operation meant lots of phone calls, admin, double bookings and even more so when working with resellers.

He wanted a better way. So along with Hugo Sterin, they built Rezdy, with the goal of helping tour operators grow their bookings and save time on admin so they can go back to doing what they love.

Rezdy’s mission was to power the experiences industry.

Why Checkfront and Regiondo?

Since 2010, when it launched in Canada, Checkfront has grown to become a global booking software provider with a strong foothold in the North American market. Checkfront’s thousands of customers appreciate their innovative products and first-class service.

Regiondo, launched in Germany in 2011, adds to the global footprint as it’s the European leader in restech. Initially launching as a B2C marketplace, they have successfully contributed to the digitization of the tours & activities market in German-speaking countries and established a strong presence that spans from Spain to Greece with over 6,000 tours & activities providers.

Together we value one thing above all: our customers. We share the same intent, to power the experiences industry on a global scale and empower operators like yourselves to unleash your business’s full potential.

In short, by joining forces with Checkfront and Regiondo, we’ll be able to offer unparalleled products and service to tour operators and resellers around the globe.

What does this mean to Rezdy operators?

Rest assured, it will be business as usual in regard to our product and service with the promise of continued improvement. We will continue to operate as our own brand while actively looking for ways to cooperate to deliver value to our customers – from further investing in customer support to bringing new features to market. The current team of Rezdy will continue to deliver our full commitment to you.

As we move into this new chapter, we want to thank all of you who have supported us throughout this journey. You’re the ones who have made this possible.