The Internet has always provided us with an opportunity to see and experience the world around us without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. However, with the advent of 360-degree videos, we can now truly immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of a particular destination. These incredible videos are vivid and inviting, offering the user with an opportunity to see every corner of the scene while getting more information about it.

If you’re considering updating your website in order to include more interactive and engaging content, look no further than the 360-degree video. It’s a great way to display the tours that you offer, and provides unparalleled insight into your products. Here’s a few of the benefits of these innovative videos:

  • It’s a new and different feature — 360-degree videos are the latest advancement in web development, and not every tour and activity provider has one. By offering this glimpse into your tours or your destination, you are getting ahead of the competition. This will be new and different for many travelers, and they will be more likely to book with you than others who don’t offer it.
  • It allows you to show your personality — This doesn’t have to be a strictly professional and informational video. In fact, you should have a little bit of fun with it! Highlight your personality and the atmosphere on your tours while also providing visual proof of the experience. Don’t hide behind the camera. Instead, stand proud in front of it and show off your little corner of the world to your potential visitors.
  • It proves you are committed to quality — A video like this is an investment in your business, your customers and your online presence. It shows that you are committed to providing high-quality tours and attracting the best customers. When you invest in multimedia elements that showcase your destination in the best light possible, people also will know that you put the same amount of energy and resources into your actual tours.
  • It helps you increase customer trust in your business — Travelers use the web almost exclusively in order to complete research for their upcoming trips. The visual content that you have provides them with proof of a positive experience. A 360-degree video shows them all aspects of a tour or activity, and gives them all of the incentive they need to trust in your company. You have nothing to hide, and a 360-degree video proves that. You will see an increase in bookings as well as improved brand loyalty when you embed one of these videos into your page.


Your website should never be static, it should always be constantly growing and evolving. Adding new features, such as 360-degree videos, is a great way to enhance your web presence and keep your content fresh. It will help increase user engagement and generate new interest in your brand. To find out more information about improving your online presence, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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