Tourism & travel statistics (tour operator)

The tourism and travel statistics below were gathered from a survey conducted by Rezdy from all Rezdy customers.

  • 51% of tour operators said that their costs have remained the same in 2020 despite COVID-19.
  • 76% of tour operators faced a decrease in revenue throughout the COVID period. 
  • 15% of tour operators have benefited from increased revenue during this period.
  • 74% of tour operators expect that it will take more than 1 year to return to pre-COVID levels of travel.

Global tourism & travel statistics

  • 12% of travelers are likely to splurge on guided tours. (WYSE Travel Confederation)
  • Global tourism spend is estimated to have fallen from $685 billion to $396 billion. (Statista)
  • 74% of travelers say they will spend more time choosing a destination this year in 2021. (TripAdvisor)
  • 66% of travelers say they will spend more time reading reviews about destinations in 2021. (TripAdvisor)
  • 60% of domestic searches for a destination fall within 0-21 days of the booking date. (Expedia)
  • 60% of travelers had a planned leisure trip canceled in 2020. (Expedia)
  • 70% of travelers say they will spend more time finding things to do at their travel destination in 2021. (TripAdvisor)
  • 47% of travelers expect to travel internationally in 2021. (TripAdvisor)
  • 77% of travelers say they will more likely travel internationally if they have received the vaccine. (TripAdvisor)
  • 74% of travelers intend to take at least one overnight domestic leisure trip in 2021. (TripAdvisor)
  • International visitors increased by 58% in July-September 2021 vs July-September 2020. (UNWTO)
  • 37% of U.S. travelers are planning both domestic and international trips in 2022. (Expedia)

United States tourism & travel statistics

  • Total travel spend in the US fell from $1172.6 billion to $680.3 billion, a 42% drop between 2019 and 2020. (ustravel)
  • Domestic travel spend in the US fell from $993.5 billion to $642.2 billion, a 35% drop between 2019 and 2020. (ustravel)
  • Domestic travel spend set to further recover in 2022 with 59% of travelers planning only domestic trips in 2022. (Expedia)
  • International travel spend in the US fell from $179.1 billion to $38.1 billion, a 79% drop between 2019 and 2020. (ustravel)
  • The total number of domestic trips taken for leisure fell from 2.3 million to 1.6 million between 2019 and 2020. (ustravel)
  • US inbound travel fell from 79.4 million trips to 19.4 million trips between 2019 and 2020. (ustravel)
  • The US consumer travel report 2019 found that travel and tourism were the second most important spending priority among Americans. (Phocuswright)
  • 65% of American tour operators forecast an average growth between 7-10% in 2022. (USTOA)
  • 41% of current bookings for 2022 are from rescheduled trips from 2020-2021. (USTOA)

Australia tourism & travel statistics

  • International travelers to Australia fell from 9.3 million to 6.7 million between year-ending June 2019 and 2020. (Camperchamp)
  • For the second half of 2020, international travelers fell from 4.9 million visitors to 32 thousand visitors when compared with 2019. (Camperchamp)
  • Australians made over 24.6 million domestic overnight trips in Q1 of 2021, a 1.1% increase when compared to the previous year. (Camperchamp)
  • Australians made over 38 million domestic trips during July – December 2020. (Camperchamp)
  • 61 percent of Australian respondents said they were planning on booking a holiday between January and June 2021 and 72 percent said they would book a holiday between July and December 2021. (KPMG)
  • The most common road trip in Australia during Summer 2020 was between Adelaide City to Victor Harbor. (Triptech)
  • In New South Wales, 24.9M domestic tourists stayed overnight as of March 2021, followed by 17.1M in Queensland & 13.4M in Victoria. (Statista)

New South Wales tourism & travel statistics

  • For the first quarter of 2021 (January-March), NSW received over 8.2 million domestic overnight visitors, up 6.1% when compared with the over 7.7 million visitors of the first quarter of 2020. (Camperchamp)
  • Overnight visitors spent over $5.4 billion during visits to NSW for the first quarter of 2021 (January-March), up 8.9% when compared with the over $5 billion spent during the first quarter of 2020. (Camperchamp)
  • International visitors spent an estimated total of $7.9 billion during trips to NSW in the year ending June 2020, down 29.4% when compared to the $11.2 billion of 2018/19. (Camperchamp)
  • The 24.9M domestic tourists as of March 2021 spent 14.6 billion AUD. (Statista)

Victoria tourism & travel statistics

  • Total domestic expenditure (overnight and daytrip) in Victoria fell 58 per cent year-on-year to $9.7 billion. This represents a substantial decline of $13.5 billion from $23.2 billion in the year ending March 2020. (Business Victoria)
  • Melbourne suffered a massive fall in domestic overnight spend (-83% to $1.6 billion) with a loss of $7.7 billion compared to the year ending March 2020 (or 75% of the total decrease in domestic overnight spend in Victoria). (Business Victoria)
  • Daytrip spend to/within Victoria declined by 49% to $3.3 billion in the year ending March 2021 (-$3.2 billion in spend compared to the year ending March 2020), with a higher rate of decline in daytrip spend in Melbourne (-55%) compared to regional Victoria (-45%). (Business Victoria)

New Zealand tourism & travel statistics

  • Over 996,000 tourists travelled to New Zealand in the year ending December 2020. Visitors to New Zealand were down 74.4% when compared with the 3.8 million of the previous year (ending December 2019). (Camperchamp)
  • In 2020, the highest number of visitors to New Zealand came from Australia at over 1.1 million (though, this was 22.6% down when compared to the previous year). (Camperchamp)
  • New Zealanders made over 3.1M international trips in the year ending December 2019. (Camperchamp)

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