As a tour operator, you specialty lies in providing travelers with enjoyable and informative tours. Whether you give kayaking expeditions into the ocean to look at wildlife, or you offer city tours to the top-rated attractions in your area, you got into this business because you love to meet new people and showcase the place where you live.

You’re probably not a marketing professional, and that’s okay. That’s where your distribution strategy comes into play. When you connect with agents, you will be able to book your tours quickly and easily, while focusing on the part of your business that matters the most to you; providing top-quality tours and activities!

Why Should Tour Operators Work With Agents?

  • You can minimize the time you spend on administrative tasks. When you allow agents to resell your tours and activities through your automated online booking system, you don’t have to spend as much time taking calls and scheduling tours. The agents will make sure that your tours are filled, and your online booking system will provide everyone with the real-time availability information that is needed.
  • You will spend less money on marketing. Travel agents specialize in selling tours and activities, while you are more experienced in offering a great service. Agents will market your tours and activities for you, and may help you create packages that are enticing for customers who are headed to the area.
  • You will benefit from fully incremental distribution channels that can only be found by working with agents. As a tour operator, you only have access to a select group of potential customers. By working with a number of different types of agents, you can increase your reach and access customers you would not otherwise know about. Fully incremental distribution channels are an important part of your distribution strategy, and it’s important to partner with agents who can connect you with these hard-to-reach customers.
  • Your tours and activities will be more visible to the people who will be most interested in booking them. Most agents have access to moreĀ marketing resources that will help you attract the clients who are the most likely to book your tours and activities. Considering agentsĀ are motivated to book your tours because of the commission that they will earn, agents are interested in implementing your marketing strategy and promoting your products to people who are looking to travel to your area. This saves you both time and money, and allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Your distribution strategy will benefit from a diverse group of agents. As a tour operator who simply loves taking people out on enjoyable tours during their vacations, you may be overwhelmed about managing these various channels.

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That’s where Rezdy comes into play. Rezdy’s online booking system is designed with tour and activity providers in mind, and it offers a unique marketplace that allows you to perfectly execute your distribution strategy. You can find out what Rezdy can do for you by beginning your free trial today.

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