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Rezdy Expedia Local Expert

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Rezdy is a simple, easy to use online booking software for tours and activities.
It is jam-packed with all the features you need to ramp up your marketing, operations, and agents with whom to integrate.

Connect Rezdy & Expedia Local Expert to give Expedia customers access to your real-time availability

Rezdy now integrates with Expedia, one of the world’s biggest OTA for Tours & Activities. With this integration, all availability checks, bookings, and cancellations made through Expedia will be automatically updated in your Rezdy account.


Why connect to Expedia Local Expert?

Expedia is one of the world’s leading full-service online travel brands. A unique differentiator in the world of online travel booking websites, Expedia Local Experts offers events, activities, tours, attractions, ground transportation, and other services to Expedia’s consumers in over a thousand destinations around the world.

You could be listed amongst 25,000 other activities in 1000+ destinations.

Your tours and activities available on Expedia

Expedia customers can easily find your products in the activities tab

How to connect Rezdy and Expedia

For Rezdy customers

If you are already working with Expedia, contact your Destination Manager and let them know you would like to be connected via Rezdy.

For those new to Expedia, you can complete your online application today at

For other tour operators

    • Start a free Rezdy trial
    • Upload your products and availability in minutes