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Easy payments online and in person, thanks to Square integration with booking software from Rezdy

What happens when Square and Rezdy come together? Magic, that’s what. Square integration with booking software from Rezdy allows you to accept online payments anywhere and everywhere. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Pairing your Redzy app with the Square reader means you can also accept in-person payments from customers with a simple tap.

So, Rezdy + Square = simple card processing that works across all major cards at the same flat rates. It also means no hidden fees and, no contracts. Want your money fast? How’s the next working day?

Want to integrate your existing Square account with your Rezdy profile? Click here. With Square as your merchant of record your payments are:


Covered by fraud prevention

Are full PCI compliant

Chargeback protected

Underwater, 4×4 off-roading, delivering a guided tour… accept payment no matter where you are or, what you’re doing

New to Square? No problem. Start selling fast wherever you are…

New to Rezdy? Welcome! Find out how to revolutionise your business and reclaim the time and fun you’ve been missing with our booking software…

"With Rezdy and Square I can take payments online and in-person allowing me to offer my customers a great experience and up-sell on the day. I can gain a deep understanding of sales using the dashboards and I can access any payments the next working day."
Jordan Heckley, CEO Stampede Excursions.

Want more from Square integration with booking software? Ok, how about this...

Easy set up with no training

Analytics, stats and insights to help improve your business

Fully integrated into your booking software

Live the easy life? Enjoy the benefits of integrating Square and Rezdy.