10 Reasons to Switch to Rezdy

Why NOW is the ideal time to update your booking software.

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Why switch to Rezdy?

Practical features to navigate COVID-19

Get the tools you need to protect your customers, your business, and your revenue. Go cash-free, control session numbers, deliver contact-free check-in, offer vouchers & gift cards, automate customer communications. Learn more >

Zero downtime in bookings

That’s right – there’s no reason for your booking engine to go offline or for you to miss out on any precious bookings when you switch to Rezdy.

No duplicated fees

If you’ve already paid a booking fee to your current provider, there’s no additional fee when you bring that booking across to Rezdy.

Free set up

If you activate your account right away, you can use all 21 days of your free trial time to get your account set up the way you want and even start taking new bookings. Get started now >

Help the way you want it

Like to do things your own way? Access our extensive library of on-demand guides, video tutorials and more. Prefer a helping hand? We’ve got an onboarding team ready and waiting for you.

Flexible pricing

Keep your offer competitive and your cash flowing as demand fluctuates, with full control when and whether you absorb or pass on booking fees. Find out more >

Confidence with your data

Your data is safe and will never be shared. Your customer lists are yours alone – to nurture, retarget, promote and upsell to.


We offer a 21-day commitment-free trial; no lock-in contracts – pay by the month; unlimited products, users and agent connections on all our plans. Get started today! >

Local reseller network

Industry recovery is starting locally. All plans include access to Rezdy Marketplace, where you can search and connect with an extensive local network of agents and resellers, from concierges to tourism bodies (including Reserve with Google), to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity. Find out more >

With you for the long haul

Rezdy is a top 20 global reservation platform, tried and trusted in over 100 countries.

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It's time!

Switching any service provider in life can feel like hard work, potentially even a risk when it comes to your business. None of us can afford to miss out on potential customers or revenue. So instead we hang on to tools and services we know aren’t great, paying more fees than we know we should, all for an easier life. 

Until one day, something drastic spurs us into action. And then when we experience the other side, we wish we’d made changes sooner!

Instead of waiting for destiny to give you a push, why not let us help you today? 

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