3 Reasons Why You Should Attract Last Minute Bookings & How To Do It

3 Reasons Why You Should Attract Last Minute Bookings & How To Do It

Spontaneous travel is trending, particularly among the younger generations who have both the time and resources to explore the world on a whim. For tour and activity operators, this is great news. Last-minute bookings can be very beneficial.

These are the top three reasons why you should invest in a tour booking software that allows you to accept last minute bookings:

Last-minute bookings can help fill those last few seats on your tours

A tour that is almost full is good news, but a sold-out tour is even better news. By promoting your last few spots and making it easy to accept last minute bookings, you will be able to sell out more tours and ultimately maximize the revenue you earn per tour.

Accepting last-minute bookings will set you apart from the competition

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Some tour and activity companies have restrictive policies in place that prevent travelers from making reservations within 48 or 72 hours of a tour. When you accept last minute bookings, you will stand out as a more welcoming and accommodating tour provider.

Allowing last-minute bookings will help you appeal to motivated market segments

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Solo travel is on the rise, and solo travelers are notoriously spontaneous. To appeal to independent travelers, you need to make it as convenient as possible for them to make their tour reservations once they have arrived at your destination.

Looking to boost the last minute bookings? Here are a few best practices that you can implement at your tour and activity company:

  • Use the channel manager that is part of your tour operator software to connect with agents who specialize in last-minute bookings. Distribution agents that you will want to partner with include Visitor Information Centres and hotel concierges. These agents work directly with travelers who have already arrived in the local area.
  • Make sure that you have a responsive website design and that you can accept mobile bookings through your tour booking system. A responsive website design will automatically adjust to the screen of the individual user. You need a mobile-friendly website in order to accept mobile bookings, and almost all last minute bookings are made on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Invest in PPC campaigns aimed at mobile users that are in your destination. A pay-per-click campaign can be customized and directed solely at travelers who have already arrived in your destination. If you decide to do one of these campaigns, make sure that you promote a discount for making a last-minute booking. This will motivate travelers not only to click on your ad but also to finalize their booking on their mobile device.

With the right activity booking software in place, you can easily accept bookings right up until your departure time. Your tour booking software will automatically update your availability across your distribution network and will instantly deliver you the most updated manifest for your tour.

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