With many countries beginning to reopen their borders, we can finally start thinking about international bookings.

In fact, countries like Australia which recently reopened their borders have already invested $40 million on their global ad campaign “Don’t go small, go Australia”; in a bid to attract more international travelers to Australia.

As travelers start to travel internationally again, you’ll no doubt want to capture these travelers to boost your bookings. To best capitalize on the incoming international travelers, here are:

3 Rezdy Features to help you maximize your revenue


1) Maximize your visibility with Rezdy’s Channel Manager

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. How do customers book experiences when they travel internationally? According to Google, almost half (48%) of activity/tour/experience bookings happen while travelers are at their destination. For many travelers, this means booking the experience or activity at the reception of their accommodation or visiting a visitor information center.

On the other hand, many travelers prefer a ‘one-stop shop’ while booking their flights and accommodations on OTA’s like Expedia.

Whatever your travelers’ preferences may be, maximizing your visibility across multiple channels will help you maximize your bookings. Rezdy’s channel manager allows you to find and connect with thousands of resellers and agents.

Expand your distribution

2) Increase your booking conversion rate with a faster and more secure payment gateway

Think about the last time you were at a store, the worst thing you could experience is a long wait at the checkout counter just to pay for your goods. Speed is extremely important because nobody likes waiting. In fact, a study by Google and Deloitte found that a 0.1-second improvement in your site speed can boost your conversion rates by 8%. Your guests are more likely to complete a booking when you provide a fast and seamless checkout experience.

Also, with online fraud at an all-time high, guests will abandon their booking at the smallest concern for their security online. When choosing a payment gateway, you should ensure that it includes features that inspire confidence such as:

  • 2 factor- authentication
  • Biometric security scan
  • Global security certifications (Level 1 PCI Compliance, HTTPS)
  • Reputable names (eg. Powered by Stripe)

Good payment gateways (like RezdyPay) make all the difference. In fact, the average conversion rate for RezdyPay users is 12% higher than the conversion rate of other payment gateways. You can even enable mobile wallets like Apple Pay & Google Pay which according to Stripe, could increase conversion rates by as much as 250%.

Maximize your bookings

3) Get more referrals with Affiliate QR Codes

Do you work with local caravan parks, accommodations or visitor centers? With Affiliate QR Codes, the guests at your partner’s premises can easily scan a QR code and book directly with your website, meaning you don’t miss a thing. Plus – Rezdy tracks the commission and reconciliation for you.

How it works:

  1. Select a reseller on Rezdy Marketplace and click ‘Share via email’ to send your Affiliate Link to them
  2. The reseller receives the QR Code automatically and displays it to customers wherever they are
  3. Customer scans the QR code to access your site to book and pay in full
  4. Commission is automatically assigned to that reseller, as each code is unique

Get more referrals