3 Ways Tour Operators Can Maintain Profitability Throughout the Year

3 Ways Tour Operators Can Maintain Profitability Throughout the Year

Tour operators are often based out of popular travel destinations, which means that they are subject to the ebbs and flows of the peak travel seasons. A tour company located in a ski town in Colorado is going to be busier during the winter season, while a whale-watching tour company in New England is going to fill up their boats during the summer months.

Fortunately, tour operators who invest in the right tour booking software can maintain their profitability throughout the entire year.

Here are three ways to drive bookings to your business, regardless of the current tourist season:

Use your tour booking system to secure last-minute bookings during the peak season

One of the best ways to ensure that your business thrives all year long is to maximize your profits during the peak season. If you experience an influx of travelers in your destination in the summer months, then you will want to make sure that every tour you offer is filled to capacity during that time. Capturing the attention of travelers who have just arrived in your destination is critical, as these spontaneous explorers are more likely to scoop up those last few spots on the tour bus. Your tour operator software should feature a channel manager that allows you to connect with agents who specialize in last-minute bookings.

Evaluate tour operator software reports to uncover niche market segments

When you are entering into the slow travel season, you will want to focus your efforts on discovering niche market segments that may be interested in your bookings. The best way to learn more about who is interested in your business is to evaluate the data that you have collected. Your tour operator software should allow you to generate reports that detail important information about who visits your website, who books your tours and who has returned for more.

Offer a daily deal promotion through your activity booking software to boost off-season bookings

The offseason is an ideal time to offer deep discounts on your tours, and one of the best ways to do this is to create a daily deal. These deals often seem too good to be true, and consumers love to take advantage of these opportunities. While you may earn less revenue per booking, you will find that you generate more bookings than you typically would during this slow time of year. Your tour booking system should allow you to easily implement and track the results of the promotions you have offered throughout the year.

The key to maintaining profitability throughout the entire year at your tour and activity company is to have the right tour booking system in place. Rezdy is the premier activity booking software designed specifically for the tour and activity sector, and it includes a variety of powerful tools designed to drive bookings to your business all year long.

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