It’s pivotal that tour and activity providers stay up-to-date about the latest booking trends in the travel industry. These are the trends that define the way that travel companies do business, and those that take advantage of the trends are often the ones that outshine their competitors. The following booking trends in the tour and activity industry are playing a major role in the way that providers package and promote their products to travelers from around the globe.

Trend #1: An Increasing Number of Travelers are Waiting Until They Have Arrived to Finalize Tour and Activity Bookings

Travelers have always had a tendency to book their hotel and flight reservations in advance, while they typically waited until closer to their scheduled date of arrival in order to finalize their tour and activity bookings. Now, due to the rise in mobile technology and the increase in spontaneous travel, many visitors are waiting until they have actually arrived before they explore their tour and activity options. In fact, at Rezdy, we discovered that up to 37% of travelers are booking their tours within 24 hours of beginning their vacation.

Trend #2: Travelers are Beginning to Expect Real-Time Booking Confirmations from Tour and Activity Providers

If a traveler is searching for available kayak tours in their chosen destination, they are going to book with the company that offers them live availability and real-time booking confirmation. Travelers no longer have the patience to wait hours or days for a booking confirmation, particularly when they are sometimes only booking days or even hours in advance. More travelers are choosing providers who offer mobile booking and instant confirmations.

Trend #3: Mobile Search and Mobile Bookings Continue to Rise Significantly Year after Year

Instead of waiting until they can get on their desktop or laptop computer, travelers are starting to complete their travel research and even finalize their bookings on their preferred mobile devices. At Rezdy, we found that up to 35% of all tour and activity bookings are now coming from mobile devices. Tour providers need to optimize their sites for mobile usage if they want to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing travel industry.

Technology solutions ensure that tour and activity providers don’t get caught up in time consuming administrative tasks, such as responding to booking enquiries or organizing the daily manifest. Considering these booking trends, it’s important that tour and activity providers place a high priority on developing a mobile-friendly website and implementing a simple yet effective online booking engine. To find out more information about the latest booking trends and ways that you can capitalize on these trends, download the Rezdy Booking Trends e-book today.

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