Narrowing down a niche market for your tour and activity company can help you become the premier source of fun and excitement for a select group of people.

By identifying a niche market that will be more likely to book your tours and activities, you can adjust your marketing efforts and make your product more appealing for this particular demographic.

For example, if you offer extreme hiking experiences along local trails, you may be interested in targeting your marketing toward the adventure traveler market.

These tips will help you, as a tour operator, find a niche to focus on for your particular business.

Focus on a Specific Type of Tours and Activities

It might be tempting to try to offer several different types of tours — such as a wine tour, a city tour and an eco-tour — but being a jack-of-all-trades will not allow you to narrow down a niche market.

In fact, people may turn away from your company because you don’t have a specific focus, and they will not view you as an expert.

By becoming the one company in the region where a group of people can come to get the type of experience they desire, you can focus on a niche market.

You will be considered the specialist, and you will generate more bookings by focusing on a target audience that is very interested in the products that you offer.

Send a Clear Message in Your Marketing Campaign

If you intend to focus on adventure travel opportunities, then make sure people know that adventure is what your company is all about.

Hook them in with messages about thrill and excitement, adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Many people who travel have a specific goal in mind for their vacation. Make sure that the goal of your niche market matches the message that you are conveying in all of your marketing efforts.

Leisure travelers may be looking for relaxation, while young and independent travelers will be looking for local adventure. Know what you can offer, and boast about your strengths.

Test Your Products on Your Preferred Niche Market

Before you devote your entire marketing campaign to a specific niche, test your products.

Offer a free, shortened experience or a promotional deal for the tours that you offer, and target your prospective niche market.

If you find that a lot of interest is generated and your bookings begin to increase, you may have found the perfect niche for your business.

If your offer falls flat, then it is time to reconsider and redevelop your niche market plan. When you do your initial test, do not invest a lot of resources.

Once you find the niche market that is right for your tour and activity company, then you can invest more in a marketing campaign to attract those particular travelers.

Once you have identified your niche market — for example, it could be gender-specific groups such as bachelor and bachelorette parties — you will want to create an online marketing campaign catered specifically toward that target audience.

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