Millennials are the oft-discussed generation of young people who are beginning their careers, building their families and focusing on fulfilling their personal ambitions. They are just now reaching the age of adulthood where they can choose their own adventures, and many of them are opting to invest their extra resources into travel experiences.

This Rezdy guide will give you the information you need in order to bring Millennials to your tour and activity company in droves.

Who are Millennials and Will They be Traveling?

Millennials are a generation of young adults between the ages of 15 and 30, largely born between the 1980s and the early 2000s. They are a large generation and they are passionate about the things that they believe in. This generation is coming of age and many of them are opting to travel, particularly to lesser-known destinations where they can interact with local people.

Trends that Appeal to Millennials

Millennials value experience, possibly even more so than visiting the postcard locations, so many of them are interested in booking adventure travel trips. They also have been raised to feel as if there is something special about them, and they love to find unique experiences that are suited to their own tastes and preferences. They will be driven to book something that is labeled as authentic, one-of-a-kind or local. They also consider health and wellness to be a priority, so sustainable travel, wellness travel and restorative travel appeal to this segment.

How to Reach Millennials

The best way to reach Millennials is through technology. They were practically raised on computers, and they were the first generation to master the iPod, smart phone and tablet devices. They do their research on-the-go, and will be most apt to book with companies that allow mobile booking. Tour and activity companies also need to develop a presence on social networking sites, which is mostly where they spend their free time. They are constantly connected, and find social platforms to be an ideal way to keep in touch with their friends, family and business contacts.

Tour and Activity Products that Appeal to Millennials

Tour and activity products that you can offer in order to increase bookings amongst Millennials includes:

  • Adventure activities that offer adrenaline-rushing experiences, such as mountain biking, ziplining or kayaking amongst the wildlife in your region.
  • Tours enhanced with technology, such as buses that include Wi-Fi, as this allows Millennials to stay connected during their experience.
  • Tours that promote local culture and offer opportunities for cultural immersion.

Millennials may seem young by comparison to other traveling generations, but they know what they want out of their experiences. With a focus on culture, experience and local traditions, this generation is interested in taking active getaways with their friends and family members. Technology is an integral part of their daily lives, so you will want to implement a mobile-friendly booking engine that allows you to accept bookings from any type of device. Find out more about how Rezdy can help your tour and activity company appeal to Millennials by beginning your free trial now.

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