4 Social Media platforms you need to market your small tour business

4 Social Media platforms you need to market your small tour business

When you run a small tour and activity company, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the big-name competitors in your area. While you recognize that you offer a more intimate, personal and informative experience than the corporate chains that are more focused on profits than customer service, it may seem hard to compete against their advertising campaigns. However, marketing your small tour or activity business doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive!

Social media is one of the most useful tools for small tour and activity providers, who likely do not have the resources to invest in a full-scale marketing campaign targeted to a global audience. By using social media effectively, you can improve your brand reputation online and drive bookings from your target market segments.

Here’s the social media platforms you should be using:


Facebook is one of the most widely-used social networking sites around the globe. Not only does it appeal to younger travelers who have been using social media most of their adult lives, but it also is popular amongst older adults and retirees. On your Facebook page, you should be posting vivid photographs of your experiences, live streams of your tours and activities, contests that increase your reach on the platform and exclusive deals for those who like your page.


Twitter is another social networking site that people of all ages use. Known for its 140-character limit, Twitter posts are generally short, sweet and to the point. It’s best for posting breaking news about your brand, such as a new tour that you are offering or a new deal that you have recently unveiled. Twitter is also a powerful customer service tool, and you should remain active and engaged with your followers.


Instagram is the visual social networking platform, which makes it ideal for those in the travel industry. On Instagram, users post photographs that are often edited with appealing filters, and they use hashtags to participate in conversations across the network. Be sure to post vivid photographs of your tours and activities on Instagram each day. Develop a hashtag for your company that can be used on all of your posts, and also encourage your customers to use the hashtag when they share their own experiences.


Snapchat is the preferred social networking site of young people, particularly Millennials. Made famous for its “snaps” (or quick videos and photographs) that disappear within 24 hours, it’s a great way to reach out to the youngest generation of travelers. The key to using Snapchat effectively is to have fun, share engaging content and snap often!

When you use social media effectively, you will be able to connect with travelers who are interested in booking your products and ultimately encourage them to book with you. By running social contests, posting valuable content and creating exclusive deals, you can make the most of your presence on the most popular social networking sites. To find out more information about promoting your tour and activity products online, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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