What are Suitable Agents from Overseas to Resell Tours and Activities?

What are Suitable Agents from Overseas to Resell Tours and Activities?

In the travel industry, you are constantly looking to capture new markets and promote your products to customers you have not reached out to before. This requires you to develop a marketing campaign and distribution strategy that not only captures your local audience, but also reaches out to a broader audience as well. If you have reached the point in your tour company where you want to seek out customers from across the globe, it’s time to connect with international agents who are willing to resell your tours and activities.

Create a Partnership with These International Agents

  • Retail Travel Agents — Retail travel agents who are working in other countries will be able to connect you with customers who are hoping to travel to your corner of the world. These agents often work directly with their customers in order to book their flights, accommodations and travel arrangements. In addition, many people rely on retail travel agents in order to provide them with recommendations for activities to do in the area. When they can access your real-time availability at any time of the day, they will be more likely to book your tours for their customers.
  • Overseas Wholesalers — Overseas wholesalers do not sell travel products directly to consumers. Instead, they would promote your tours and activities to retail travel agents and other travel suppliers as part of a valuable package deal. Partnering with overseas wholesalers can help you increase your appeal to retail travel agents in different parts of the world.
  • Online Travel Agents — Online Travel Agents, or OTAs, are some of the most powerful booking agents today. Many travelers look to these sites in order to book affordable, all-inclusive vacation packages. You can work with OTAs in order to have your tours and activities bundled into their vacation packages that they are promoting. This allows you to reach an endless number of customers across the world.
  • Inbound Tour Operators — Inbound Tour Operators are based in your region, and they will market your products to overseas agents. They typically create packages based on special interests, which can increase your appeal to niche travelers.

Agents love to work with tour and activity providers who offer reliable tours at fair prices, and most of all, they appreciate working with companies who showcase their live availability. When you implement Rezdy, a cloud-based booking system designed for those in the tour and activity industry, you can automate the booking process and connect with agents on the Channel Manager. The Channel Manager is a portal where agents can find live availability of the tours and activities in your area, and where you can promote your products to a wide variety of agents. There are international agents who use the Rezdy Channel Manager in order to book tours and activities for their customers. To find out more information about how you can connect with these agents through Rezdy, begin your free trial today.

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