With international borders steadily reopening and restrictions beginning to ease across the globe, travelers are eager to plan their next holiday. With that being said, the way people travel has changed dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. The priorities of many travelers have also seen a massive shift and it’s important for tour operators to meet current tourist demands in order to maximize their bookings.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 things you can do in order to meet current tourist demands right now:

Meeting tourist demands by being flexible

Whether we like it or not, we’re still living in uncertain times; which means that you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Being flexible is critical in the process of returning to normality. Research performed by Arival showed that 69% of travelers prioritized flexible cancellations and refund policies above any other factors before committing to making a booking.

With this information, ensure that you have reviewed your cancellation and refund policy effectively. If there are any updates, make sure that it’s communicated clearly to avoid confusion. Offering flexible bookings and cancellations will be a bonus point for your business in your customers’ eyes. Being flexible is one of the main tourist demands in order to help them feel more confident in making a booking with your business. An article by Phocuswire even suggests that flexibility now outweighs low prices for many travelers today.

Have a COVID-19 safety plan in place

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is a good idea to review your safety plan and protocols. Many travelers are still looking for reassurance that the experience will be safe and that efforts are being made to minimize the spread of the virus. According to Arival’s Path to Purchase September 2021 report, over 60% of travelers agree that COVID safety plans such as clear and visible cleaning, crowd control, and vaccine requirements are important factors before they consider making a booking.

In addition, government restrictions and regulations may still be in place. This can vary significantly based on your location. You may need to adapt or adjust your policies to comply with these regulations. It’s a good idea to check your local government website and set up a COVID safety plan checklist.

Prepare for a spike in last-minute bookings

Many travelers are finally beginning to research and plan their next holiday adventures due to the further easing of restrictions. However, this time around, you may notice that bookings are coming in a tad bit delayed. Based on Arival’s report, 57% of travelers are only making bookings within a week of taking a tour. A further 10% are making bookings within the day of the tour itself. This is due to the lingering uncertainties of travel during Covid.

Having the right technology in place at your tour company will help you better manage last-minute adjustments. For example, Rezdy offers you a glimpse of your real-time availability, and it will automatically adjust your schedules and manifests. This would be extremely useful in the event of unexpected cancellations. To see if Rezdy is right for you, sign up for a FREE 21-day trial or request a demo today.

Current tourist demands

Do your tours and activities stand out?

After 2 years of travel restrictions, people are finally ready to make the most of their next trip. Whether that be upgrading their flight to business class, making a booking at a popular restaurant, or participating in an activity they’ve always wanted to do – this is great news for tour operators across the globe.

The content of the tours and activities you offer is a vital component in meeting tourist demands. Many travelers are now willing to spend frivolously in return for quality experiences. This is the perfect time for you to get creative and think of ways to make your services stand out.

Day tours are in

This time around, many tour operators have seen a spike in travelers participating in day tours. Tour operators that offer services such as sightseeing tours, market tours, experiences with locals, nature or eco-tours, and active adventure tours have all seen an increase in customers in 2021. Reports show that although the total number of travelers is lower than pre-pandemic levels, those that are traveling are participating in more day tours. It is recommended that operators focus on creating fun, interactive and engaging day tours to align with the current tourist demands.

While you may have spent time preparing your business for the return of travelers, it’s always best to take your customer’s perspective into consideration. Tourist demands may have shifted, but it’s only for good reasons. Since we’re still living in uncertain times, by acknowledging people’s concerns, you can win their trust and their bookings. 

An online booking software like Rezdy will help accommodate your business during uncertain times where unexpected adjustments may occur. Curious to see whether Rezdy is right for you? Start a FREE 21-day trial or book a free demo today.

For more tips to help your business meet tourist demands, make sure to follow Rezdy’s blog. There are a lot of marketing tools and resources designed with businesses like yours in mind.

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