Excite your Customers by Integrating VR into your Tourism Marketing

Excite your Customers by Integrating VR into your Tourism Marketing

For decades, virtual reality has been considered the technology of the future. Sci-fi movies have long featured characters who immerse themselves in a virtual world, navigating through a different dimension than the rest of us.

Now, 2016 is coming to a close, and virtual reality is no longer a futuristic concept. It’s the latest and greatest technology that is quickly becoming available to the masses. Projected to generate nearly $70 billion in revenue by the year 2020, tour and activity operators should consider implementing this type of technology into their marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

Why is VR the Right Technology for the Travel and Tourism Industry?

As a tour and activity provider, you are presented with a unique challenge when it comes to convincing travellers to book your products. You aren’t trying to sell an innovative item or an upscale accommodation. Rather, you are selling an experience. Virtual reality is the perfect way to sell an experience, because it allows a potential customer to immerse themselves in what you have to offer. They no longer have to visualize what it might be like to kayak through the ocean waves, with humpback whales breaching alongside them. You can create a 360-degree virtual video that allows customers to practically experience this before they book a tour with your company.

How Can VR Marketing Be Used For Your Tour Company?

Virtual reality platforms are beginning to hit the marketing, and they are topping the holiday lists of many this season. As more and more consumers implement this technology into their daily lives, you can begin to utilize it in your marketing strategy. Virtual tours allow people to get a real taste for what you have to offer prior to booking with you. You can even create augmented reality experiences, giving users the option to make choices and decisions as to how they will experience your virtual tour.

Will You Have to Invest a Significant Amount of Time and Resources into VR Technology?

It will be an investment, but likely not as significant as you think. Drones and other equipment capable of producing 360-degree videos are quickly falling in price. They are becoming attainable for the average consumer and business owner.

How Can You Begin Preparing for the VR Experience at Your Company?

Start by gathering ideas as to how you can use virtual reality in your online marketing campaigns and your social media strategy. Then, work toward producing 360-degree videos that can be displayed on your website and ultimately used to provide a virtual experience to those using a virtual reality platform. The time is now to start thinking about virtual reality at your tour and activity company.

The tour and activity market is becoming increasingly competitive, as independent operators and large corporate chains fight to attract the attention of a global audience. It’s critical that you stay informed of the latest marketing techniques available, and that you constantly work to implement new technologies into your promotional products.

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