Getting international travelers to choose Australia as their destination and ultimately book one of your tours is one of your most important tasks as a tour and activity operator. These are the top inbound markets in Australia, and here’s how you can market your products to these valuable travelers:

United States

U.S. travelers are becoming increasingly motivated by luxury offerings. They are most likely to book an extended stay trip, and pay more for extra services while they are in their chosen destination. Australia is often a long trip for U.S. travelers, considering the amount of time it takes to travel to the Land Down Under. Often hailed as the trip of a lifetime, U.S. travelers spend more once they arrive in Australia and they can be enticed by valuable extras on your tours and activities.

New Zealand

Travelers from New Zealand are likely to book their trips weeks or even months in advance, which means that you need to be an organized tour and activity company in order to attract these local travelers. By implementing an online booking system that allows you to open up availability months or even years in advance, you will be able to market your products to travelers from the country next door.

United Kingdom

Those who are heading to Australia from Great Britain and the United Kingdom are likely going to book their trip at least three months in advance, and they will stay in the country for about a week. Travelers from the U.K. love a great package deal, so you can partner with local accommodations providers in order to create valuable and enticing packages that will attract these travelers. Only coming in second to the United States, this target market also spends freely once they arrive in Australia. Include luxury add-ons and upgrades within your packages in order to boost revenue when U.K. travelers book one of your tours.


Japanese travelers represent one of the fastest-growing inbound travel markets for Australian tour and activity companies. Appealing to this expanding market will allow your tour and activity company to grow significantly, and can offer you a much-needed revenue boost. Japanese travelers enjoy luxury options and are willing to pay for additional convenience services, so consider this as you are packaging your promotions to this valuable traveler segment.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong inbound market is growing for Australian travel companies as well, so this is a powerful segment for your tour and activity company to target. Hong Kong travelers often arrive during the months of February and March, but they also book their trips to Australia during the typical school holidays. Create promotions designed for these travelers during these months in order to attract as many Hong Kong visitors as possible.

Marketing your tour and activity products to international travelers can seem like an overwhelming undertaking, but with the right distribution strategy it is easy to attract these travelers. To develop an effective distribution strategy for your tour and activity company, download the Rezdy online distribution ebook now.

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