In the digital age of instant communication, travelers expect more from your tour and activity company than a simple confirmation e-mail that their booking information has been received. Many travelers today are looking to connect and engage with the companies that they book with, often seeking to follow their pages on social media and communicate with the company prior to their arrival. In order to impress your guests and improve your online brand reputation, you will want to make customer communications a top priority.

Here’s a few automatic e-mails you should schedule for all of your bookings:

Confirmation E-mail

Not only do travelers expect to be able to book tours and activities online, but they also expect to get an immediate confirmation that their booking information has been received. You should schedule a confirmation e-mail that includes information about the time, date and location of the activity booked, as well as any relevant payment information. You also can include additional valuable information, such as items to bring on the tour or the cancellation policy for your company. The confirmation e-mail builds trust in your brand, and provides travelers with the confidence they need in order to do business with you. The confirmation email is arguably the most important element of your customer communications – it is likely the first one-on-one interaction the customer has with your brand. This makes it especially important to do it right as it contributes to their first impression of you.

Announcements About New Products

Your customer communications should include company news. You can use these updates to keep your past, present and future customers informed of new products that are available at your tour and activity company. Similarly, you can use automatic e-mails in order to inform travelers about new tours that are now on your schedule, rental equipment that is now available, or packages that have been added to your product list. New products and equipment could get them to come back and book with you again.

Promotion and Discount Information

If you have decided to launch a new promotion, the best thing you can do is inform the customers who have booked with you previously or who have a reservation in the future. This may motivate them to book with you again, or to add additional tours to their itinerary. Your automatic e-mail should include the details of the promotion, the dates it is valid for, and any other pivotal information that travelers need to know.

Feedback Request

Your company’s reputation and brand’s recognition amongst travelers is heavily influenced by those who leave reviews about your company online. In order to increase the positive feedback that you receive online, send an automatic e-mail to travelers within 12-24 hours of experiencing your tours and activities. Ask them politely to leave feedback, and offer incentives within the e-mail in order to encourage them to do so.

Your automated online booking system should provide you with a simple way to schedule and create automatic e-mails. It’s important to strike the right balance between reaching out to your guests and overloading them with frequent messages that might be considered spam. You need to keep your brand name in their minds and in their thoughts, without making them feel irritable and frustrated prior to the arrival of their trip. To find out more information about the best ways to communicate with your travelers in the digital age, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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