Going Mobile: 5 Focus Areas for Tour and Activity Operators

Going Mobile: 5 Focus Areas for Tour and Activity Operators

It seems that mobile technology is all the travel industry can talk about, but there’s good reason for that. Data consistently shows that travelers across all market segments and in every corner of the globe are becoming increasingly interested in researching and booking their travel arrangements on a mobile device. In fact, recent research reported by Tnooz shows that digital travel sales in the United States are set to top $189 billion in 2018 alone. Of that, nearly 40 percent of those sales are expected to be completed on a mobile device.

In essence, tour and activity operators absolutely need to offer a mobile-friendly website with booking capabilities to their prospective travelers. This year, these are the areas to focus on when it comes to being mobile ready:

1. Get a mobile-friendly website, and get it now.

A mobile-friendly website means that your tour and activity website not only has a responsive design that will adapt to the screen size of the individual user, but it also allows a site user to book from their mobile device. To encourage mobile bookings, you need to have a fast site speed coupled with a short booking form.

2. Implement a loyalty program to retain your customers.

Once a traveler has discovered your brand, you want them to continue to think of you first when they consider traveling to your destination. You can do this through a loyalty program that offers unique perks for repeat bookings and referrals. With the right loyalty program in place, prospective travelers are going to go straight to your mobile-friendly website to book rather than going through an OTA or another agent.


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3. Understand generational differences and preferences.

While nearly every generation that is traveling the globe right now is becoming adept at using technology while abroad, each individual generation has different preferences for how they incorporate technology into their trip. For example, a member of the Baby Boomer generation may use their smart phone to browse a website, they may not be as likely to book from their mobile device. Conversely, a Millennial is highly likely to book directly through your company’s app.

4. Recognize that all of your site visitors are individuals.

You cannot treat every traveler as if they have the same ideas and goals for their trip. Personalization is key to improving the guest experience as well as developing customer loyalty.

5. Stay on top of the data.

Booking data that reveals the habits of your travelers will provide you with a unique insight into their needs and wants. Always review and analyze the data that you have available, and use that to improve the customized experience that customers enjoy with your brand.

Going mobile might be the catch phrase that is generating buzz in the travel industry in 2018, and with good reason. But it’s important to stay on top of other industry trends and terms as well. Download the Rezdy Ultimate Travel Tourism Glossary for 2018 now, and stay ahead of the competition in your destination.

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