The sheer size of the Baby Boomers generation has made it one of the most talked about generations of adults in modern times. Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation has largely made it into retirement and is taking advantage of opportunities to explore the world. Baby boomers can best be described as confident travelers who are willing to spend what it takes to get to the places they want to go.


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Skift recently released an infographic detailing the travel habits of the Baby Boomer generation. Here’s what tour and activity operators need to know about these established adults:

Baby Boomers know where they want to go

While Millennials and Generation Z may discover new places they want to visit via their friend’s social platforms, Baby Boomers often have a list of the places they want to visit and they know where they want to go next. According to the infographic, 56 percent of Baby Boomers have already decided on their chosen destination prior to planning their trip. Many of them choose a destination with the intent of visiting family who live in that area, while a great many others plan vacations that allow them to go sightseeing or relax. This generation travels about 27 days per year on average, which is more than Generation X but less than the younger Millennials and Generation Z.

Boomers don’t have a strict budget, but they love a good deal

Given the fact that many Baby Boomers came of age during a time of lucrative retirement packages and economic strength, the majority of this generation has been able to retire in comfort with the funds to travel during their golden years. Only 57 percent of Boomers say that their budget plays a factor in their trip, and many are prone to booking luxury services included upgraded tour and activity packages. However, despite having the extra funds to enjoy a lavish vacation lifestyle, many Baby Boomers still seek out the best deal. About 95 percent of Baby Boomers want to know that they have found the best deal possible before booking their trip.

Baby Boomers are becoming increasingly Tech-Savvy

Most people think of Millennials and Generation Z as the tech-savvy generations, but Baby Boomers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in order to book their travel arrangements. Their preferred resource for researching and booking an upcoming trip is an OTA, followed closely by hotel and airline websites. They do appreciate a user-friendly website which allows them to book directly with a company, so it’s imperative that tour and activity operators invest in an intuitive website that makes it easy to book one of their products online.

Now that you know a little bit more about Baby Boomers and what motivates them while traveling, you can better tailor your products to this large and powerful generation. To learn more about promoting your products online to the Baby Boomer generation, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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