Updated March 2023 – Baby Boomers are one of the most talked about generations in modern times, but what exactly are their travel habits?

Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation has largely made it into retirement and is taking advantage of opportunities to explore the world and tick off their bucket list. Confident and adventurous, these travelers often spare no expense when it comes to experiencing the destinations of their dreams, making them one of the highest-spending generations in the industry with an estimated $157 billion spent on travel each year. 

Curious to understand Baby Boomer travel trends? Here’s everything you need to know about these established adults along with a few Baby Boomer travel tips.

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Where do Baby Boomers go?

As the world is adapting to the new normal, baby Boomers continue to indulge in their passion for travel with a clear idea of where they want to go next.

While younger generations may rely on social media for travel inspiration, Baby Boomers often have a clear list of must-visit destinations in mind before even starting to plan their trip. In fact, a staggering 56% of Baby Boomers have already decided on their destination before even beginning the planning process. Many choose to visit loved ones, while others seek out destinations for sightseeing and relaxation. On average, Baby Boomers travel about 27 days per year, surpassing Gen X but still falling short of younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z. 

According to the Wandering RV, Baby Boomers enjoy a variety of travel destinations and activities to do during their trips. When it comes to travel habits, Baby Boomers love to travel on getaways filled with luxury travel and bucket list trips. These could include visiting scenic places such as Alaska and its national parks, and famous cities like New York. Whether it’s a domestic trip or an international trip, Baby Boomers seek the most out of their travel experiences.

How do Baby Boomers travel?

The Baby Boomer travel segment is known for its preference for slow-paced and relaxing activities, especially as many are well into their 60s and 70s. Domestic and international travels are popular choices for Baby Boomers to indulge in these activities, including day trips, leisurely cruises, road trips, and river cruises.

Baby Boomers came of age during a time of lucrative retirement packages and economic strength. The majority of this generation has been able to retire in comfort with funds to travel during their golden years. Only 57% of Boomers say that their budget plays a factor in their trip, and many are prone to booking leisure travel services including upgraded tour and activity packages. However, despite having the extra funds to enjoy a lavish vacation lifestyle, many Baby Boomers still seek out deals. About 95% of Baby Boomers want to know that they have found the best deal possible before booking their trip.

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The rise of the tech-savvy Baby Boomer

Most people think of Millennials and Generation Z as the tech-savvy generations, but Baby Boomers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in order to book their travel arrangements. Their preferred resource for researching and booking an upcoming trip is online travel agencies (OTA) such as Tripadvisor and Expedia, followed closely by sole travel company websites. They do appreciate a user-friendly website that allows them to book directly with a company, so it’s imperative that tour and activity operators invest in an intuitive website that makes it easy to book one of their products online.

Why do Baby Boomers travel?

As trends in the experiences industry continue to evolve, Baby Boomer travel is still going strong. This generation sees travel as an opportunity to explore new destinations, experience different cultures, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones.

With many Baby Boomers understanding that travel is an important way to learn about the world and other cultures, it’s clear that this demographic values the benefits that come with travel. Additionally, retirement has given many Baby Boomers the time and resources to travel, making it an appealing way to spend their golden years. Whether it’s a bucket-list adventure or a relaxing getaway, Baby Boomers are hitting the road and seeing the world like never before.

What tour operators can do to attract Baby Boomer travelers?

Offer personalized travel experiences

When it comes to creating great customer experiences for Baby Boomers, personalized itineraries and activities are key. This diverse group has a wide range of interests and abilities, and they want their travel experiences to reflect that. Tour operators can offer valuable Baby Boomer travel tips by tailoring their offerings to the unique preferences of this generation. By providing customized itineraries and a range of activities that cater to different levels of physical ability, tour operators can ensure that Baby Boomers have a trip that is tailored to their needs.

Whether it’s hiking and adventure sports or more relaxed activities like cultural experiences, culinary tours, or sightseeing, offering a variety of options will help Baby Boomers find activities that suit their interests and abilities. This approach can ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and a loyal following for tour operators who prioritize personalization.

Provide comfortable and convenient accommodation

Baby Boomers tend to value comfort, convenience, and safety when traveling, and they are often willing to pay for high-quality accommodations that meet their needs.

One way to attract Baby Boomers is by offering accommodations that are centrally located and easy to access. Baby Boomers generally want to be in the heart of the action, and they prefer accommodations that are within walking distance of popular attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas. On a similar note, accommodations that are easily accessible by public transportation or private car can be particularly appealing to Baby Boomers who want to explore the surrounding areas.

Another powerful way to attract Baby Boomers is by providing accommodations that are comfortable and offer modern amenities. Baby Boomers often want to relax and feel at home when they travel, and they will typically prefer accommodations that offer comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and modern technology like Wi-Fi, cable TV, and air conditioning. 

Emphasize safety and security

Baby Boomers are known to be a cautious and responsible generation, and it’s unsurprising that they tend to value safety and security when traveling.

One way to attract Baby Boomers is by working with reputable suppliers and service providers. Tour operators should ensure that all hotels, transportation providers, and tour guides have proper licensing, insurance, and safety protocols in place. This can give Baby Boomers peace of mind and confidence in the services being provided.

Another way to emphasize safety and security is by providing clear and comprehensive pre-departure information. Tour operators should provide detailed information about the destination, including any potential risks or hazards, local laws, and customs, and recommended vaccinations or medications. They should also provide clear instructions for emergency situations, including how to contact local authorities and how to access medical care if needed.

Offer unique and immersive experiences

Baby Boomers are renowned for their interest in travel experiences that are enriching, engaging, and authentic. They are often looking for experiences that allow them to connect with local culture, history, and people.

One way to offer unique and immersive experiences is by incorporating local activities and events into the itinerary. Baby Boomers are generally interested in experiencing the local culture, and they appreciate opportunities to participate in local festivals, fairs, and cultural celebrations. Tour operators can also include visits to local markets, museums, and historical landmarks, allowing Baby Boomers to learn about the destination’s history and heritage. Alternatively, providing opportunities for interaction with local people can also be particularly enriching for this generation.

Provide excellent customer service

Baby Boomers are known for valuing quality service and attention to detail, and they are typically more likely to recommend a tour operator that provides exceptional customer service.

One way to offer excellent customer service is by providing clear and prompt communication. Tour operators should be responsive to Baby Boomer customers’ questions and concerns, and should provide detailed information about the itinerary, accommodations, and activities. They should also be transparent about pricing and any additional fees or charges.

Using a booking software that allows Baby Boomers to easily place and finalize their bookings on the spot is one way to win their sale. For example, a booking software like Rezdy enhances a website with advanced functions such as:

  • Real-time availability viewer to avoid overbooking or double-ups.
  • Automatic email communication such as reminders and instant booking confirmations
  • Automatic manifest updates whenever a change to a booking occurs
  • Integration to various payment solutions for travel, such as gateways that accept multiple forms of payments and currencies
  • and many more…

Key takeaways

Attracting Baby Boomer customers as tour operators requires understanding their unique needs and preferences. Offering personalized travel experiences, comfortable and convenient accommodations, emphasizing safety and security, and providing excellent customer service are all effective ways to attract and retain Baby Boomer customers.

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