As young adults seek to explore lesser-known locales and enjoy authentic experiences, Generation X is opting to stay home rather than venture out. This generation, which includes adults between the ages of 35 and 50, are largely settled into their homes and building their families. It seems this stage of life has left them without a desire for extensive travel, and tour and activity providers may have to do a bit of legwork in order to convince them to book.


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Skift recently published detailed data about the travel habits of Generation X. We break it down for you:

  • Generation X spends the least amount of time traveling compared to other generations. According to the data, Generation X travelers spend about 26 days away each year. They are most likely to select domestic destinations, and 43 percent of Generation X travelers used their personal vehicle to get to their chosen vacation spot. Consider the fact that many in this generation are currently in the child-rearing stage of life, it’s not surprising that they cannot book extended trips and spontaneous getaways.
  • Generation X is a budget-conscious generation, and travelers often use OTAs to find the deals they want. More than 93 percent of Generation X travelers say that they look for the best deal prior to finalizing their bookings. About 55 percent of them use OTAs in order to find out information about the packages and deals that are available to them, so it would be wise for tour and activity companies to partner with as many OTAs as possible. While these budget-savvy travelers like to penny pinch, they do have a soft spot for tours and activities. Generally, Generation X travelers allocate about 13 percent of their budget to tours and excursions.
  • Generation X does use social media for travel ideas and inspiration, but they are likely to be found on different platforms than younger adults. While Generation Z is consumed with SnapChat and Millennials can’t get off of Instagram, Generation X is most likely looking for travel inspiration on Pinterest and Facebook. They feel most comfortable with these user-friendly platforms, and they find them most useful for connecting with their contacts and sharing ideas.
  • Generation X prefers family-friendly getaways. While Millennials prefer romance and adventure, Generation X is focused on the family. About 48 percent of travelers within this generation book a trip in order to visit family, and 41 percent are looking for family play while they are away. Nearly 71 percent of Generation X travelers report that every vacation they take is family-oriented, which is notably different from the generations that have come both before and after them.

Generation X may be traveling less frequently than Millennials and Generation Z, but that doesn’t mean your tour and activity company should ignore this valuable market segment. For more information on  Generation X travelers and other generations, download the Rezdy’s Travel Tourism Glossary ebook today.

Travel Tourism Glossary Ebook

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