As an activity provider who offers exciting charter fishing trips into the crystal blue waters that surround your town, you often make action, adventure and great catches your top priority.

However, as a business owner, you also have to consider the risk and liability of these incredible trips out to sea. In order to protect your own assets, you need to ask every customer to sign a liability release waiver. This waiver protects you and your business from being held liable during an unforeseen event that occurs on the tour, such as an accident, illness or injury.

Use these tips to create a bulletproof liability waiver for your business.

Decide on a Disclaimer

There are two types of disclaimers that you should consider as a tour and activity provider. The first type is a Third Party Disclaimer, which informs the customer that the company is providing services and the company is not responsible for loss, theft, damage or injury that occurs while on the tour. This is the most common type of disclaimer that is used in the industry. The alternative disclaimer is the Agent Negligence Disclaimer, which must include a certain set of requirements in order to be legal and valid. This is a cumbersome disclaimer to create, and is not recommended for most tour and activity providers.

Hire a Lawyer to Complete the Language

By hiring legal counsel, you can rest easy knowing that you have clear, concise and valid language in your waiver. In addition, they can consult with you about the specific tours and activities that you provide.

Don’t Forget the Third Party Contractors

If your charter fishing company works with a third party contractor in order to provide tours and activities to your guests, then you may be able to use their liability release form. In the event that you share a form with your contracting company, be sure that legal counsel from both parties reviews the documents in order to ensure that they are valid.

Use Trade Associations as a Resource

If you do not have the time to write your own liability release form, then you can contact your trade association in order to see if they have forms that you can utilize. Many trade associations offer these forms to their members as a value-added service. This is an easy and reliable way to obtain a legitimate, valid release waiver for your company.

Rezdy makes it easy for you to collect the liability release forms from your customers. On the Rezdy portal, you can send out pre-filled waivers for your customers to sign immediately after they complete their reservation.

In addition, utilizing Wherewolf technology, your customers can electronically sign the forms and return them to you online. You don’t have to waste any more time tracking down forms or collecting signatures before you head out on your next charter fishing excursion.

Exclusive Offer

Liability release forms and waivers are extremely important to protecting your business. However, creating and using liability waivers can be extremely time-consuming. Rezdy is all about helping you save time.

That’s why we’ve got an exclusive offer for Rezdy customers. Whereolf is the leading digital waiver solution, they’ll help you craft your waiver and manage them digitally! For any Rezdy customer that signs up for an annual contract with Wherewolf, the $1500 set up fee with WhereWolf will be waived. Click the link to redeem


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