Direct bookings are the best case scenario for any tour and activity provider. While agents are a necessary part of your overall distribution network, the bookings you receive from them are not as valuable to you since you must pay them a commission. When you earn a direct booking, you get a boost in your profits and you know that your marketing strategy is working. Therefore, increasing your direct bookings should always be a goal that you have your sights set on. Here’s 3 ways that can help you accomplish that goal:

Improve Your Website Aesthetics

First impressions are everything when it comes to tourists looking to book activities, tours and excursions. If they pull up your website and they aren’t impressed with what they see, they will return to the search results looking for something better, brighter and more vivid. Use large, high-resolution photographs that showcase what your business has to offer. If you’re a whale watching company, you need a photograph of your travelers on your boats watching in awe as a gorgeous whale breechesĀ from the water. While visuals are important, you also want to have a simple online booking form and “Book Now” button on your page that makes it easy for users to make their reservations.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Every year, more and more people turn to mobile devices in order to increase the booking process. Not only are these users trying to make reservations from their smartphones while they ride public transportation, but they are increasingly using these devices by preference in their own homes. Without a website that is optimized for mobile platforms, you will lose customers. People will look elsewhere in order to book reservations from their mobile device.

Create Engaging Content

Gone are the days where a couple of keywords strategically placed in your content would keep your users engaged with your website. Now, you need to be thinking about multimedia elements that will enhance your page. Travelers not only want photographs of what they will enjoy on your tours, but they want to see videos. Videos are the most important type of social content that can be posted today, as people are more apt to watch them, enjoy them and share them. Make a good video, because 85 percent of impressed travelers will book your tours after watching one.

By implementing an online booking system with your existing website, you will make it easy for any and all travelers to book directly through you. Rezdy is the only online booking system designed exclusively for tour and activity providers, making it the best choice for your travel business. Through Rezdy, you get an easy “Book Now” button and simple forms that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. This software platform is designed to help you grow your business and connect with the professionals who can help you increase your exposure, and ultimately, your direct bookings.

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