The Internet has transformed the travel industry in so many ways. On one hand, it has made the tour and activity market more competitive because travellers have access to an endless amount of information about different companies in their chosen destination. On the other hand, it allows you, as a tour and activity provider, to access potential customers from the far reaches of the globe.

You can use these online booking tools in order to continue to promote your brand and ultimately grow your business:

  • Real-time Booking Form — Offering tours and activities in real-time allows you to capitalize on the growing mobile travel market. More travellers than ever before are using their mobile devices in order to book tours and activities at the last minute, even after they have arrived at their destination. A real-time booking form gives them an opportunity to see your live availability, book the tour of their choice and receive an instant confirmation from your company.
  • Online Payment Gateway — An online payment gateway allows you to accept secure credit card payments from your customers. Most travellers today prefer to book with their credit cards, as they feel this is a convenient way to make their payments while also receiving their credit card rewards. Choose a secure online payment gateway that is PCI Compliant, and also select a payment portal that is affordable for you as a business.
  • Payment Reminder Emails — Give your customers the choice of paying for their tour at the time of booking, or paying at a later date. If they opt for a delayed payment, you can send payment reminder emails in order to encourage them to pay their final balance prior to their arrival.
  • Booking Confirmation Emails — Travellers have come to expect booking confirmation emails when they make a reservation, particularly with a tour and activity company. These emails can be used not only to give your customers confidence that their booking is complete, but to also promote your company, encourage additional interaction with your brand, and to solicit online feedback. Make sure that your customers receive an automatic confirmation email immediately after they finalize their booking, and make an effort to personalize it as much as possible.

These tools make it easier for your customers to book directly with you, ultimately improving your conversion rates and boosting your direct bookings. Direct bookings are the best way for you to get the highest return on your investment for all of your marketing efforts.

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