Online distribution of tours and activities is skyrocketing in the same way it has for all types of products and services.

By doing the right things online, you can access new markets, attract new customers, and increase your revenue.

Here are 3 ways the internet helps you to distribute your tours to the world.

1. Travelers learn a lot about you before they speak to you


Incoming phone calls gave you an opportunity to pitch to travelers before they bought your tour or activity.

Besides word of mouth from direct friends and family, travelers were limited to corporate communications through offline marketing channels. Their only options were to look at print ads, brochures, TV spots, billboard signage, and the yellow pages.

Thanks to the internet

Anyone can find your site and learn heaps about you. Your pitch is 100% online, on your website and anywhere else you’re listed. You’re suddenly reliant on up to date content – images, testimonials, and videos – to show that you’re thriving.

In particular, online review sites have made a huge impact on a traveler’s decision to book in that tour. Online reviews from other travelers give them the same sense of security and confidence that recommendations from their family and friends do.

2. You get a bunch of new distribution channels


There are limited ways to connect with consumers directly. You have to wait for them to either walk in or give you a phone call.

Other than that, you’re distributing tours and activities through partnerships with agents, who all demand commission.

Thanks to the internet

There is a world of opportunity online that tour operators can tap into.

First of all, your customers can find you through your website. Bookings are commission free!

Secondly, you can take advantage of online distribution channels:

Each site will have access to niche markets that you could sell your tours and activities to. While they ask for commission, you can consider it a marketing cost.

3. The internet provides technology that simplifies operations


Everything is phone and paper based, and computers were limited to offline, desktop programs that didn’t sync with each other. All admin tasks are manual.

Thanks to the internet

Cloud based technology for your every need! From simple tools like email, to advanced business software like payment gateways, email marketing and online booking systems, all you need is an internet connection to work effectively.

With online booking software solutions like Rezdy, accepting bookings from any source is now an automatic process. Your customers can check your live availability, book, and pay in a few clicks – whether it’s through you or one of your online distribution channels.

We’re offering a free trial if you’re interested in connecting with more agents and streamlining your operations.

To get booked out in this day and age, tours and activities businesses need to learn how to harness the internet!

Want to learn how to take your tours and activities to local and international markets? Download our distribution ebook.

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