Tour and activity operators in any given destination will want to partner with various players in the travel ecosystem in order to access the largest amount of customers possible.

After all, effective online distribution is necessary in order to reach not only your local customers but also customers across the globe.

These are the five types of organizations in your ecosystem that you should partner with to distribute your tours and activities:

Inbound Tour Operators

An inbound tour operator, also known as an ITO, is a pivotal distribution channel that tour and activity providers need to connect with.

These tour operators are considered destination experts, and they focus on selling products, tours and activities that are ready-to-go to overseas customers.

This is the best way to display your products on a global scale. An ITO wants to work with a tour and activity provider who is successful and stable, and who will offer a fair commission.

They love to work with tour and activity providers who offer unique opportunities for their travelers.

Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents are an essential distribution channel for tour and activity providers because most travelers today want to quickly and easily book their travel packages online.

An online travel agent specializes in coordinating transportation, accommodations, tours and activities for their clients, and you want them to recommend your tours to their customers.

In order to develop a positive working relationship with an online travel agent, set a standard price and keep your availability consistent.

Use an easy booking system that allows them to earn a commission when they book with you, and don’t create exclusive agreements with individual travel agencies.

Visitor Information Centres

​The visitor information centre in your area is an essential contact in order to get direct bookings with clients who are currently traveling.

Many potential customers will go to the visitor information centre in order to get information about available tours and activities.

A visitor information centre wants to work with a company that offers reliable services, and an easy-to-use online booking system.

Destination Marketing Organizations

A destination marketing organization works to promote a particular destination as a welcoming place to travel.

By working together with other complementary travel companies, you can help a destination marketing organization promote your particular region of the world.

In addition, the destination marketing organization will promote you and your tours as an option for something to do when people travel to the area.

Tour Wholesalers

Tour wholesalers work to create tour packages with tourism operators and individual travel retailers.

By developing a rapport with tour wholesalers, they will want to include your tours and activities in future packages that they sell to travel agents.

When you invest in an efficient online booking system, such as Rezdy, you will be able to automate the booking process and utilize all of the necessary channels in order to distribute your tours and products.

Given the fact that other agents and tourism organizations can earn a commission through Rezdy when they book your tours, it’s easy to motivate them to promote your business.

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