Sydney, Australia & Raleigh, NC, USA, May 15, 2023 – Ticknovate, a London based & award-winning ticketing software that caters to sightseeing tours, attractions, and ferry businesses, has partnered with Rezdy, providing their customers with award-winning connectivity to the industry’s largest network of resellers across the globe. Ticknovate launched in 2019 and received Travolutions Best Technology Platform award in 2020. Through this partnership, Rezdy will help current and future customers of Ticknovate grow their businesses and simplify distribution. 

Ticknovate customers now have access to major OTA’s, traditional travel agencies, hotel & concierge desks, ITO’s, travel wholesalers, tourism bodies, and more through one API integration with Rezdy Channel Manager. Distribution is at the core of growth within the Experience industry and this partnership will propel Ticknovate customers to new heights. Rezdy offers more than simple connectivity to a vast network of resellers, they also offer powerful tools & features to manage these relationships.

Some of these features include: 

  • Ability to connect with resellers across the globe without having to invest time & money to build connections
  • Keep track of agreements in one central location
  • Digitize offline relationships
  • Automate commission payments
  • Sell and be sold by complementary businesses
  • Ability to update rates, inventory, content & promotions via a live two-way sync, across all chosen reseller channels, from one central location


Ticknovate partners with Rezdy


“Ticknovate has recognized (early on) that part of their competitive advantage and future growth contributor will be their ability to offer new and existing customers a proper Channel Manager to help provide seamless 3rd party distribution,” says Justin Turner, Rezdy’s Senior Director of Channel Management

In addition to its highly-rated Booking Software, Rezdy was actually the first to offer a Channel Manager solution for the Experience industry, providing ticketing softwares & suppliers the ability to connect with resellers & manage those connections with powerful tools that save time, automate processes and streamline business operations. In fact, Rezdy has been selected as the winner of the “Overal TravelTech Innovation of the Year” award in the inaugural 2023 TravelTech Breakthrough Awards for its Channel Manager product and in-destination tools. Siteminders recent report on hotel booking trends reveals that hoteliers could increase bookings by up to 40% by partnering with five or more channels & the same can be assumed for the Experience Industry.  This partnership comes at a great time as Ticknovate customers will be able to make the most of their desired target markets by distributing products across the largest network of reseller channels including OTA’s where travelers can package activities, attractions & experiences with their hotel bookings.

Ticknovates Managing Director Yiannis Maglaras says, “Since our launch in 2019, we have been building a new suite of feature sets that allow our customers to not only manage versatile inventory and experiences but to also enhance and extend their offering via a simple but powerful user interface.  Distribution via indirect channels has always been supported by Ticknovate, however, with the release of Ticknovate 2.0 it was important that we partner with a channel management solution that has the same ambitions and focus; to connect and empower the experience economy.   This integration now exposes our customers’ experiences to the industry’s largest and most diverse reseller network and is the perfect complement to the Ticknovate platform.”

To find out more about Rezdy Channel Manager, request a free demo here.


About Rezdy 

Rezdy is the world’s leading independent online booking and distribution platform, powering the experiences industry. In operation since 2011 and now in over 130 countries, Rezdy helps tours, activities & attraction providers as well as resellers, get more online bookings. In addition to its highly-rated Booking Software, Rezdy offers the most progressive Channel Manager distribution platform with award-winning connectivity to major online travel agencies and thousands of additional resellers around the world – accessible regardless of reservation system or size of business. Their platform also connects travelers in-destination with Rezdy operators by empowering resellers such as accommodations, to simply and effectively promote tours & activities, thus saving time and improving their guest experience. Rezdy processes over $2 billion in experiences revenue through the platform every year on behalf of suppliers.  


Learn more about Rezdy’s solutions for operators, resellers, and other reservation technology businesses at Rezdy. In addition, connect with Rezdy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and sign up to Rezdy’s newsletter to stay up-to-date. 

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