As a tour and activity operator, providing your customers with exciting and memorable experiences is one of the main goals of your role. To be able to provide travelers with the opportunity to create exciting, lifelong stories is truly a rewarding feeling. And if those stories get shared with someone looking to experience the same excitement, you may even gain new customers.

Now, although your business may provide world-class tours and activities, it doesn’t mean your products can simply sell themselves. You must expose your brand and promote your product offerings to the right target audience.

This is where the art of copywriting and writing product descriptions comes to play. Creating great product descriptions isn’t always easy; the simplest mistakes may ruin your conversion rate. So it’s important to understand the key elements to build online products that convert.

Learn how to write up compelling tour descriptions, pick the best images that resonate with your potential customers, and the steps for creating attractive product names by following these 4 simple steps in our FREE e-guide. Downloading your copy by filling out the form below

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Once you’ve created online products that convert, it’s important to ensure your business has the right tools to start accepting online bookings.

An online booking software for tour operators like Rezdy is designed to equip your business for success. Rezdy’s advanced features integrates into your system, which allows you to automate and manage all your admin duties from one platform. Some of these features include real-time availability to avoid over/double bookings, automatic customer communication including reminders, and secure online payment processes.

Furthermore, Rezdy also offers a channel manager platform that connects your business to thousands of industry resellers. These include major OTAs such as Tripadvisor and GetYourGuide, local travel agents, hotels and accommodations, and even government bodies such as information centers.

Joining Rezdy Channel Manager is as simple as listing your products and setting your commission rates. From there, you can let resellers on the platform promote and sell your services to their customers.

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