Updated 25 May 2021 – While surfing the web, travelers are often bombarded with information about any given destination. A quick Google search of “things to do in Sydney, Australia” will yield thousands of results, and it can quickly become overwhelming. In your tour business, your goal is to attract potential customers to your website and subsequently convert them into paying guests who attend your actual experience.

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By writing compelling and engaging tour descriptions, you will be able to increase your bookings in no time while creating a personal connection with your customers. In this article, we’ll cover in more detail how to write a tour description.

5 Tips for Writing Perfect Tour Descriptions

  1. Target a specific persona before you begin writing. For example, if you are a company that provides kayak tours to experienced adventurers, then develop a persona that addresses your target audience. It might be an open-minded person who has the necessary skills to kayak and enjoys the thrill of a new experience. You need to think about who will most likely book your tour business, think about your ideal customers and break up the details of your tour description for a persona that identifies with that audience.
  2. Choose a tone of voice, and remain consistent throughout your website. Some tour operators want to maintain a corporate presence, and therefore should adopt a professional tone of voice. A smaller, local business might be more interested in connecting with their customers on a personal level. They may choose to use description styles with a tone of voice that is light-hearted with a dash of humour. Either way, a consistent tone of voice is key to telling your story.
  3. Make your description for tours and travels easy to read. Avoid long, wordy sentences that can be cumbersome. Make every word count, and choose powerful action verbs in order to describe the experience. Instead of writing a paragraph about each tour that you offer, create several bullet points. Bullet points are easier to scan through, and will allow you to keep your reader’s attention.
  4. Be specific and persuasive in the description. Be sure to outline the benefits of booking with your activity experience. If your business focuses on winery tours in the local wine-growing region, then be sure to explain what each unique offering is about. Avoid vague descriptions such as “Our day-long wine tour takes you to several wineries in the area.” Instead, provide additional details and throw in the benefits of booking this tour: “Our 8-hour wine tour takes you to 5 different local wineries, where you will sample delectable wines and snack on delicious cheese.”
  5. Optimize your content with relevant keywords, but do so in a natural way Keywords might include the activity you offer, the name of your city and any phrases your target persona might use while searching for activities to book. If you can place your keywords naturally in the copy, not only will it capture your highlights but it will quickly optimize your site for search engines too. You also can add keywords into subheadings and image file names in order to include additional keywords for SEO and therefore increase your rankings in the search results.


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