How many more bookings could you get by improving your website? To convert visitors to your website into customers, there are several elements you need to be across.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Provide a clear path to booking
  • Make use of conversion assists
  • Track your conversions

Having a professional-looking website and fantastic bookings forms is important, but useless if no one uses them. Equally important are your website marketing tactics in making sure that you can convert visitors to your website into customers for your business.

This webinar explains the importance of providing a clear path for bookings, as well as how to effectively use your website to convert visitors into customers and lastly how Rezdy can help you track your conversions.

Provide a Clear Path for Bookings

Time is money. This is as much the case for your customers as it is for you. You need to make sure that visitors don’t drop off your website because it’s too difficult for them to find the information they want or it’s too difficult for them to find where to make a booking. Critical elements in the booking process are Call-to-Action buttons, product landing pages and your booking form.

There could be multiple places where customers can see your products. These could be social media pages you have set up, your own homepage, or the individual product pages you might have. You should ensure that you have a clear, easily visible, attention-grabbing ‘Book Now’ button on all of these touchpoints. You want to make sure that the path to booking is as easy for the customer as possible.

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Use your Website More Effectively


The ‘Book Now’ button is a specific example of a Call-to-Action (CTA) button. CTAs are buttons you can place on pages that link to other pages on your website. For example, if you want to direct visitors to a page with more information on a specific product, you can place a CTA that links to that particular product page. Other good CTAs to place are links to your photo galleries or your testimonials. These pages contain quite engaging content that can be quite convincing for a visitor trying to make up their mind whether to book with you.

It’s a good idea when creating CTA buttons to be quite descriptive in what you write on them. For example, on the CTA that directs customers to your photos, the text on the button should read something like ‘see some of the other amazing experiences our customers have had with us,’ rather than simply ‘click here.’ Bland ‘click here’ links are boring, so no one ever follows them.

It’s also a good idea to have CTAs on your product pages that link to an F.A.Q. page, so customers who are reading about your products can find out the answers to any questions that might arise. A good idea for your F.A.Q. page is to have a CTA on the page that allows them to contact you directly if they can’t find the answer to their question. Make sure you include both a phone number and an email address so they don’t feel like you’re trying to make it difficult for them to contact you. There’s a good chance the question they ask you will have been addressed on the page already, but it’s all part of making sure the customer feels valued and looked after.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are another way to utilise your website effectively. Landing pages are pages you set up for a specific aspect of your business, such as a specific promotion you’re running. For example, if you send out an email to your past customers offering them a discount code to come back to your business, the link in the email could send them to a specific landing page you set up for that promotion, rather than just your normal homepage. These pages let you convey specific information to specific people that you want to see it, and also they make your website seem more up-to-date and relevant.Once again, make sure that your big, attention-grabbing ‘Book Now’ button is displayed on your landing pages.

Using Social Proof to Convert Visitors

Social proof is a very effective way to convert visitors to customers. Humans are hardwired to look to other humans for reassurance that what we are doing is the right thing. In a business context, this takes the form of reading testimonials, reviews or Frequently Asked Questions. A good way to provide this social proof in addition to having an F.A.Q. page is to prominently display, for example, a TripAdvisor badge (if you have one). TripAdvisor is a trusted source of reviews and if visitors can see that you have a good reputation on TripAdvisor, it acts as an effective form of social proof. Social media is another useful method of social proof. Provide a link to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel or TripAdvisor, or whichever other social media channels you use so visitors can see what other people have said about you. It can help to convert visitors into customers because it provides them with peace of mind and a sense of justification that they are making a good decision booking with you.

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A different, but very powerful means to convert visitors to your website into customers is called Retargeting. Without getting too technical, Retargeting is a type of online advertising that uses cookies to track which pages any given visitor views on your website and then serve them ads based on their browsing behaviour.

The reason it’s so powerful is that you can segment your audience according to which pages they have actually visited. That way, you can exclude existing customers and be very specific about which tours you display to them in ads that you send. We recommend three different segments: the first being all website visitors, the second being people who have viewed a specific product page, and the third being people who viewed your “contact us” page.

Different segments have different needs and wants, so in your ads, you should use different key words for different segments. For example, if you wanted to retarget all of your website visitors, you could include just your business logo and name in the ad. If you wanted to retarget the people who viewed specific product pages, you can remind them of that product, and for the people who viewed your “contact us” page, you can retarget them with your phone number or contact details. You can use software like Google AdWords or AdRoll to work out which words would be the best. There are also tools available to help you create the actual ads that people will see. We like to recommend one called BannerSnack because it doesn’t require any previous graphic design experience so anyone can use it, but there are also others that you might already be familiar with.

The power of Retargeting comes from its relevance. Ads convert visitors into customers when they contain a message that is relevant to the customers’ current needs, so by serving different segments different ads based on their browsing behaviour, you can ensure that a greater number of people receive ads that contain more relevant messages to their current needs.

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Using Rezdy to Help Convert Visitors

Landing Page Templates

Rezdy contains some landing page templates for you to use. You know that if a customer has arrived at a landing page, they have deliberately followed a link to it, so they are quite interested in booking. Hence, the template includes a lot of detailed information about your product, such as price, duration and a detailed description of what sort of experience they can expect. Photos are an important element to include on a landing page so customers can have a visual indication of what to expect as well.

Booking Form Templates

Rezdy also provides Booking Form templates for you to use. These are fully customizable so you can change any element you want to make sure it fits with the look and feel you want your brand to have. It can also include a calendar and a map so that your customers can easily see your live availability and your location. As well as the visuals, you can also customize the content of the booking form. While it’s a good idea to keep the booking form as short as possible, this gives you the ability to ensure that you ask for all the information you need for your particular activity, both to cover your legal bases and to ensure your customers have the best possible experience with you.

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Social Media Links

When it comes to facilitating social media engagement and testimonials, Rezdy booking form and landing page templates include the option to put social media links on them. You just input which accounts you have and set up the link to the relevant page, and the template will place them for you. It’s all about making the experience of looking for information and then making the booking as easy as possible. There are multiple elements that work together to help convert visitors into customers, so if you can be across all of them it goes a long way!

Conversion Tracking

Once you have set up your booking forms and landing pages, you need to track how effective they actually are, because you won’t know how well you’re converting visitors into customers unless you keep track! You can also use tracking to test how well certain elements of your website work to convert visitors into customers so you can optimize it to be as effective as possible.

Two ways that you can track your conversions are through conversion tracking and Google Analytics. Google conversion tracking can be set up from within your Rezdy account

So to set up Google conversion tracking and Google Analytics, go to your Rezdy account and click on your apps tab. From there, you can search or use the left-hand side menu to click on Analytics, and you’ll see our conversion tracking and Analytics applications. A step-by-step guide to doing this is in the webinar at the top of the page.

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10 tips to improve your tour operator website

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