How to Optimize Your Booking Form to Improve Your Conversions

How to Optimize Your Booking Form to Improve Your Conversions

Using SEO tactics and PPC ads to drive traffic to your website is beneficial, as this improves your chances of earning direct bookings. However, you need to optimize your booking form in order to actually improve your conversions.

Here’s a few things you can do to improve your booking form and ultimately boost conversions on your tour and activity website:

Offer Real-Time Availability

Travellers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, and subsequently are waiting later and later to book their tours. You need to broadcast your real-time availability, and allow your customers to book directly with you as well as get an instant confirmation of their reservation. Real-time availability allows you to better manage your distribution network while also maximizing the sales of your tours.

Reduce Cut-Off Time

Let people book your tours and activities up until the last possible minute. Don’t cut-off bookings for your tours 24 hours in advance. Rather, allow your customers to book up to half an hour prior to the departure time.┬áIf you have any available seats on your tours, you are going to want to give your customers every opportunity to fill those seats. This ensures that you maximize your revenue per tour, but it also gives your customers a chance to conveniently book your experiences when it works best for them.

Offer Available Spots for Advance Tours

While some people like to book their tours and activities at the last minute, there are others who love to plot and plan the details of their trips in advance. On your online booking engine, be sure to display your availability up to two years in advance. This gives travellers every opportunity they need to secure a spot on your tours, and can increase your conversions amongst different traveler segments.

Make the Booking Process Simple and Seamless

Don’t make your customers dig through your website in order to find your tour offerings, descriptions and booking form. Make sure the homepage of your website has everything your customers need in order to convince them to book directly with you right then. High resolution photographs, short yet effective tour descriptions and an easy-to-use “Book Now” button need to be present on the main page of the site. In addition, do not include too many fields on your booking form. Only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary for booking a tour with your company, as this will also help you improve your conversion rate.

Once you have improved your booking form, all you need to do is continue to drive traffic to your site. To find out the best ways to improve site traffic and attract visitors from diverse demographics, download the Rezdy online marketing e-book today.

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