Across the world, several COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed to ready and willing adults. These vaccines are the light that many have been waiting for, and they are making it possible for people to begin resuming many of their normal, pre-pandemic activities — including travel. Tour operators need to be prepared for the vaccine holiday trend. If you run a tour and activity business, you need to be aware of this pivotal moment in the fight against COVID-19. If you take advantage of this trend, you can begin to rebuild your business and usher it into the new normal.

Vaccine Holiday Trend #1: Traveling to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

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The COVID-19 vaccine distribution has not been too consistent, and people are quickly realizing that there are some places such as Dubai where the vaccine is more readily available. As a result, desperate people who are looking to live their lives with confidence once again are starting to travel to destinations where they can easily get their shot. The best part is, they’ll probably look for things to do while they’re on their ‘holiday’. If you’re located in a country where vaccines are more readily available, here are some ways in which you could appeal to these customers.

  • Start targeting international customers again. You could use paid advertising channels such as Facebook and Google to target people who are traveling to your city from abroad as there’ll be a good chance that they’re traveling for the vaccine. You could even target the airport as a geographical location.
  • Update your website. Ensure that your operating hours on your website and GoogleMyBusiness profile are up to date. Update it with the best images and videos you have so customers are more likely to make a booking. If you don’t have any, try reaching out to your past customers for user-generated content.

Vaccine Holiday Trend #2: Traveling as a Result of Being Vaccinated

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Another vaccine holiday trend that will quickly take hold is those who are looking to visit new cities and countries because they have been vaccinated. The vaccine is providing people with a renewed sense of hope and confidence, as they know they can begin to resume some of their activities from the time before the pandemic. Sometimes referred to as revenge travel, vaccinated travelers may be ready to take longer, more luxurious trips, as they seek to recoup some of the experiences that they lost during a year of lockdowns and quarantines.

How to Capture the Attention of Travelers in the Aftermath of COVID-19

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As a tour and activity operator, there are several steps that you can take in order to take advantage of the vaccine holiday trend that is taking shape this year. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Maintain your current policies for social distancing and disinfecting. Even vaccinated travelers are likely to be leery of resuming pre-pandemic activities without precautions, and some of your travelers may not yet be vaccinated. Mask-wearing, social distancing and extra hand-washing will still be imperative in the coming months.
  • Be open about what documentation your local community requires. Travelers will need to be prepared if they are required to provide proof of a vaccine or other documentation before they can travel to their area. If you have any documents that you require specifically as a company, make that very clear on your registration form.
  • Continue to provide new and innovative products that may appeal to trepidatious travelers. For example, you may want to design private and personal experiences that people can enjoy along with the company of their travel party rather than with perfect strangers.
  • Enhance your tour products with upgrades that will entice travelers to spend more during their experience. This can help you recoup some of the revenue that you have lost during the past year, and it also can make your experience more memorable for those who book with you.

After a quiet year, tour and activity operators should be prepared to be busy once again in 2021. Now is the best time to update your business technology and invest in an all-in-one booking solution. Rezdy is the premier tour and activity booking software as well as a channel manager. With Rezdy, you can easily attract travelers who are taking a vaccine holiday.


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