The fact of the matter is, trends are going to impact your tour and activity business whether you want them to or not. Instead of sitting by and watching the trends develop as your competitors take advantage of them, it’s important to be ahead of the game. These are the top tourism trends to watch out for in 2017:

Millennials are Making Their Way Around the Globe

Millennials are the generation that everybody is talking about. This group of 20-somethings and 30-somethings¬†are doing things a little bit differently, delaying marriage and families while focusing on careers and travel experiences. Instead of spending money on infinite amounts of stuff, Millennials prefer to invest their excess funds into adventure and experiences. By creating tours that allow people to enjoy an authentic experience in your destination, you will begin to attract Millennials in greater numbers. Partner these experiences with a valuable package that includes lunch at a local restaurant, and you’ve got a deal that this generation cannot resist.

Adventure Tourism is on the Rise

Rather than resting and relaxing on a beach or taking snapshots at the famous attractions in a destination, many travelers are opting for action-packed adventure instead. This means that they head to a destination to go biking down the side of the famous mountain, or hike through an ecologically-diverse jungle. Create adventurous experiences to offer through your tour and activity company in order to take advantage of this trending topic.

Culinary Tours are Increasing in Popularity

People who are afflicted with wanderlust often want to immerse themselves in the local culture of their chosen destination, rather than simply visit it for a few days. This includes enjoying the cuisine that locals eat on a regular basis. In order to appeal to culinary travelers, you can partner with local restaurants in order to provide your guests with cultural treats during your tours. You also can create packages that include meals at the area restaurants that you prefer to dine at.

Photography is a Way of Life for Travelers

Travelers today want to take photos not only to preserve memories but also to share with their friends on social media. Make sure to add extra photo stops on your tour, and help your customers by taking photographs of them along the way. Create an official hashtag so that your tourists can share photos of their experiences and simultaneously promote your brand on the top social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. The upshot of tourism trends in photography and social media is that it makes it easier for you to promote your own brand. By having an official hashtag that customers can use when they post photos of their experience with you, you can access the content that they create and repurpose it for your own uses.

As you take note of the emerging tourism trends that are sweeping through the industry, you may want to diversify your tour products or offer new experiences for your travelers to consider. When you implement an online booking system that is designed for tour and activity providers, it becomes easy to add additional tours to your itinerary and promote them effectively to your distribution network. For more information on Rezdy and its Channel Manager, be sure to begin your free trial today.

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