Whether offering a guided tour of the historical properties within a city, or giving an introductory lesson in kayaking, a tour and activity operator is an ambassador of sorts to every traveler who books a product through their company. It’s important that they have the right personality for the job.

These are 5 must-have characteristics for all tour and activity operators:

Genuinely enthusiastic

Tour operators aren’t allowed to have an off day. The reality is, they are working with people every day who are having a great time on vacation and making carefree memories with their family members and friends. This means that tour operators have to adopt that same mood each and every day in order to match the enthusiasm of their travelers. Tour operators need to be friendly, approachable, social and funny.


The tour operator is the leader of any activity that has been planned, and they must be able to conduct themselves as such. An effective leader is organized and is able to effectively use technology in order to maximize the efficiency of the tours. At any given moment, the tour guide should know the latest manifesto, understand the availability of resources and be able to troubleshoot should the need arise.


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In addition to being able to multi-task while conducting a tour, a tour guide also needs to know how to use the resources that are available. Sometimes, this means using a mobile device to access cloud-based technology and provide customers with the information they need. In other cases, such as in the event of an injury or illness, the tour operator will need to be able to provide first aid care. The best guides know what resources are within arm’s reach, and they know how to best use those resources.

Capable of dealing with ambiguity

Every day is different when you are a tour and activity operator. The best guides are able to adapt to changing circumstances. This includes staying composed in the event of an emergency, or when someone is delivering negative feedback. It means that they are able to think quickly on their feet, and deliver solutions if a problem arises. They are comfortable with the flexible nature of the position and the excitement that each day can bring.

Culturally aware

Tour operators work with travelers from all walks of life and from the far reaches of the globe. They need to be aware of the cultural norms of their target market segments, and have an open mind when dealing with people of a variety of backgrounds. It helps for tour operators to be fluent in multiple languages, as this improves the guest experience for international tourists.

Having the right team on board is essential to growing your tour and activity brand. The tour operator plays a key role in developing customer loyalty and in encouraging customer referrals. To learn more about marketing your brand and hiring the right tour guides, follow the Rezdy blog today.

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