Now is the best time of year to start setting goals for your business and creating an actionable plan to grow the bookings at your tour and activity company. As you consider new products or packages that you might offer to your target market segments, you also will want to think about expanding your distribution network.

It’s important to have a distribution network filled with a diverse range of agents, but there are many benefits to bolstering your network with in-destination resellers.

Who are in-destination resellers?

In-destination resellers are distribution agents that are located in your region or destination. They often have a better understanding of your target market segment than international agents, who are less likely to offer a personalized booking experience. In-destination resellers include:

  • Hotel Concierges — Hotel concierges work in the lobbies of the hotels that are located in your destination. Their job is to provide hotel guests with information about things to do in the area and to assist them in booking their desired tours and activities. A hotel concierge can earn a commission by reselling your tours and activities, so it’s important to partner with them and let them know what you have to offer their guests.
  • Visitor Information Centers — Visitor information centers are often located in a central part of a destination, such as a downtown area. They provide visiting tourists with detailed information about the tours and activities in the area. When they can easily book tours and activities directly with you, they will be more likely to recommend your brand to the people they meet on a daily basis.

Why should you choose in-destination resellers for your distribution network?

There are many reasons why you should focus your distribution network on in-destination resellers. Here are a few benefits of partnering with hotel concierges and visitor information centers:

  • It will help local economic growth. By working with other participants in your local economy, you will help keep all tourism income located within your destination rather than spread around the globe.
  • It will allow you to increase your visibility in your destination. These are trusted agents who will have significant influence over local travelers, and they can help you build your reputation in the local area.
  • It will help you increase last-minute bookings. Many tourists wait until they have arrived in their destinations to book their tours and activities, and they rely heavily on in-destination resellers to get their information.

Of course, the only way to expand your distribution network and effectively resell your tours and activities is to have the right technology in place. Rezdy is an online booking solution designed for the tour and activity sector. With Rezdy, you also get access to an innovative channel manager that broadcasts your live rates and availabilities across your distribution network. Your agents, including in-destination resellers, can book directly through your channel manager and instantly earn a commission.

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